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  1. Blue & Pink Playthroughs

    Pokémon Co-op Playthrough (Shiny Nuzlocke) 60 FPS

    Hi friends! We'd like to share the first episode of our co-op run of Pokémon Emerald with you all :) The rule we've set for ourselves is that we can only catch Shiny Pokémon (settings adjusted to make it feasible) it's been flippin' funny so far xD Keen to see if anyone else finds this idea...
  2. Joycap

    The PFT USUM Alolan Giftlocke - first come, first served.

    Not gonna lie, this has been an idea that I've wanted to do for a while, but the person I was going to do this with could never find the time (he's busy due to all the COVID shenanigans). USUM Players only. Full details...
  3. D

    The Pokémon Sword/Shield DaveLocke Challenge

    I have been playing Pokémon Sword/Shield using a set of self-imposed rules I call the “DaveLocke” challenge. You are probably familiar with the “NuzLocke” challenge rules. This is a variation of those rules. I have chronicled my experience with images and commentary on another forum. But...
  4. PageEmperor

    Gender imbalances in your teams

    So basically, share some cases where you noticed something with your genders in your gameplay teams. For me, It's usually gender neutral teams, or every run I get dominated by a gender I'll have another run dominated by the other gender. My recent HeartGold Randomiser Nuzlocke, though, set a...
  5. Alex Potter

    Cross-Generations Nuzlocke Challenge

    I just recently completed a Nuzlocke challenge on Pokemon Yellow for the 3DS-VC. It got me wondering, how difficult would it be to carry over Pokemon across all 7 generations for a grand challenge? Three key obstacles came to mind as I delved further into this train of thought: 1.) How...