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oc fanfiction

  1. CiCi Arts

    Seventh Year (Harry Potter)

    Draco Malfoy returns to Hogwarts after summer's break with thoughts of Voldemort still fresh in his mind. He's ostracized by most, and suffering extreme nightmares and guilt. However, when he meets a new girl called Lyka Zavius, he decides he can try to turn his life around. He doesn't realize...
  2. NebulaDreams

    Black Paint [The Manifold Curiosity]

    Hello, dear readers! I hope you've enjoyed my main fic The Curious and the Shiny so far! I've really enjoyed writing it myself, but I have been working on it continuously for months, so I thought it was high time to work on another project in between hiatuses, so I took one of my old ideas and...
  3. NebulaDreams

    The Curious and the Shiny (OLD VERSION) [The Manifold Curiosity]

    Hello again, it's been a few months since my last fic (Deli's Delivery Service) and I've been working on this one even before I started writing that fic, all the way back in November. I've been sitting on this project for a while and now I'm starting to get all of my chapters so far redrafted...
  4. Antoshi

    A Blond Ray of Sunshine (1/19/2020: Chapter 33/End of Part 5)

    A Blond Ray of Sunshine A young, upbeat Pokémon Trainer named Antoshi travels around Kanto collecting Gym Badges with his best friend and only Pokémon, Fireball the Typhlosion. When Fireball is kidnapped by Team Rocket, Antoshi unwittingly unlocks superhuman powers within him. With the...