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persona 5

  1. TheCharredDragon

    Behind the Glasses [Persona 5 Siblings AU] [One Shot]

    Summary: Why Ren wears fake glasses. Spoiler: it's for his sister, Akira, not because he wants to look less threatening. Set before chapter 1 of my fic, Persona 5: Refraction. It was it. The day was the day. The first day of school. Ren rushed out of his bed and got ready as quickly as he...
  2. TheCharredDragon

    Not All That is Gold Glitters [Persona 5] [Yusuke/Futaba]

    Summary: Old fears of Yusuke resurface when his son seems focused on money not long after showing his eye for art. But it's only after a suggestion from his wife, Futaba, does he realize the true reason behind his son's behavior. Aka: Dad!Yusuke worried his son might end up like Madarame but...
  3. TheCharredDragon

    What She's Got in Store [PG-13] [Akechi/Fem!Akira] [Persona 5]

    Summary: Goro's sucking up at a fancy party for a job when his wife, Akira, decides to swoop in and not only have fun with it, but to give him good, life-changing, news. (Akechi/Fem!Akira) Happy Birthday Akechi! Goro groaned, staring at the restroom mirror as he regained his composure as well...
  4. TheCharredDragon

    Persona 5: Refraction [R] (Sibling AU)

    Content approved by bobandbill My thanks for approving this. Rated R (or M if this was AO3 or M in ESRB rating) for mature themes, violence, strong language (usually ****, crap and damn, but up to ****) blood, physical abuse, sexual themes, suicide (both attempted and past), partial nudity...
  5. TheCharredDragon

    A Crow's Treasure [Persona 5 AU] [Akechi/Fem!Akira]

    Summary: Akechi discovers his daughter has a crush...and decides to help her with it. Aka: Dad!Akechi playing matchmaker, because there aren't many fics of Dad!Akechi. Akechi/Fem!Akira) "See you tomorrow," Goro said to the receptionist as he left the police station. He had managed to finish...
  6. TheCharredDragon

    The Perfect Proposal [PG-13] [Akechi/Fem!Akira] [Persona 5]

    Summary: He loved the Phantom Thieves. He really did. ... But sometimes they could be a bit too much...like right now. Aka: Goro wants to propose to Akira and the other Phantom Thieves decide to "help" him. FF.net version here. Goro Akechi sighed. He loved the Phantom Thieves. He really did...
  7. TheCharredDragon

    The Prince and The Thief [PG-13] [Akechi/Fem!Akira] [Persona 5 AU]

    Summary: Goro Shido had hired her to steal from the highborn and spread discontent among the people, so that his ascension to the throne would go that much smoother. He had not anticipated for it to exceed his expectations...or for her to steal his heart. (Or: The Persona 5 medieval Europe-esque...
  8. TheCharredDragon

    In the Hands of a Trickster [G] [Akechi/Fem!Akira] [Persona 5 One-Shot]

    Synopsis: Joker falling in love, from the perspective of the Pillager of Twllight. Inspired and written with the setting of the fanfics, Unfiltered and Wings of Rebellion, written by aiyumi, in mind. So spoilers for those fics (that you should totally read if you want a more sympathetic Akechi...