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  1. TheCharredDragon

    Behind the Glasses [Persona 5 Siblings AU] [One Shot]

    Summary: Why Ren wears fake glasses. Spoiler: it's for his sister, Akira, not because he wants to look less threatening. Set before chapter 1 of my fic, Persona 5: Refraction. It was it. The day was the day. The first day of school. Ren rushed out of his bed and got ready as quickly as he...
  2. Genaller

    Persona Face-Off (Winner -> Orpheus Telos!)

    Welcome to the persona face-off where the mythological creatures so prevalent to the franchise shall duke it out! - Every member is allowed up to 12 nominations (but don’t feel the need to have to nominate so many if you’re still not aware of many personas). - For each nomination please state...
  3. Dragalge

    Video Games Face-Off (2 hour cooldown)

    Co-owner(s): keepitsimple Welcome to the video games face-off! Here, you can nominate video games from anywhere that have been released on Nintendo, Sony, XBox, PC, Mobile, etc platforms! You can nominate up to six video games of your choice! They can be from any franchise including Pokemon...