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  1. Evil_Nazgul0616

    Is This Pheromosa a Lost Cause?

    I know this should probably go in the "ask a question" thread, but I noticed the date of the last post in there and didn't want to cause any necromancy. Mods, if I won't get penalized for necroposting that thread, let me know and delete this thread and I'll repost this question in there...
  2. Lumavah

    Looking to trade (Ultra)Sun Ultra Beasts for (Ultra)Moon Ultra Beasts

    So I'm in a rather unfortunate position; I need the Moon and Ultra Moon Ultra Beasts to finalize my collection of the lot, so I was hoping someone could help me out with this. I still need: Pheromosa Celesteela Stakataka Would be more than happy to trade: Buzzwole Kartana Blacephalon In...