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  1. Adobe123

    Popularity Research for Other Anipoke Main Characters

    "Popularity research for Satoshi Always straight to the point with anyone! Satoshi speaks his mind in a true-to-life and straightforward way, without pretention. His fastball straight words come full circle outstandingly!? Chart: Insight: 5 Boldness: 5 Predisposition for love: 0 Seriousness: 2...
  2. Mythical-Moonlight

    Least Favorite Shippings?

    What are some of your least favorite Pokémon Ships? It can be from anywhere in the Franchise (Games, Anime, Movies, Manga etc) For me I don't like Lusamine/Guzma. At least in the original SuMo games she was manipulative and controlling not to mention an abusive mother to her kids. Guzma was...
  3. Mythical-Moonlight

    What did Gou do? (Read the last post. Let's all be a bit more civil regarding Go)

    Of all the traveling Companions that Ash has had over the years, Gou is the one who I've seen get by far the most vitriol thrown at him. Even moreso than Misty or Iris or anyone. At least with the former two, I can sorta understand why some people may have be turned away by them but Gou's been...
  4. Mythical-Moonlight

    Was this Ash's Worst Team yet?

    It seems out of all the Teams Ash has had over the years this one gets the most criticism in general. I've seen complaints about how Ash had way too many Pokémon. And how there was wasted potential in some of the Pokemon (Snivy, Scraggy, Oshawott, etc...) Was is really that bad? If you think...
  5. Mythical-Moonlight

    Which Starter do you associate with which Trainer?

    Fascinating thing I was thinking about yesterday. Some of you may know (or some of you didn't that's fine too) that Gloria is set to get a new Figurine coming. And interesting enough, her chosen Partner is Sobble. So when they make these Figurines do they just randomly pick a starter to pair...
  6. silseel

    Change in PikaSpeak

    Does anyone knows why in the Sun&Moon anime, they changed Pikachu's "celebrative" phrase (for when Ash catches a pokemon or get a badge, etc) from "Pi-Pikachu" to "Pika Pika"? I've started watching the Sun&Moon series recently and that's has been bothering me a lot. At first I thought it was...
  7. M

    Do some Pokemon movies even need Ash?

    This video got me to thinking about Pokemon 4ever started a sort of trend for Ash to feel incidental in a lot of the movies. Hell, while Max and May would get their own subplots in Jirachi: Wishmaker and Temple of the Sea respectively, it'd often feel like Ash should take a backseat to them...