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pokedex trading

  1. L

    I have Pokemon sword looking for trading help!?!?

    I currently have Pokemon sword and I am about 23 away from completing the Galar dex I was hoping that there would be someone who can help by trading the remaining ones and help trading I can also help in return
  2. S

    LF: sword exclusives FT: shield exclusives (don't care about stats)

    I'm trying to complete my pokedex and am in need of some sword exclusives! I don't care about stats at all since I can breed for that later. The ones I need are: Seedot/Nuzleaf/Shrifty Turtonator Stonjourner Basculin (red striped) Indeedee (male) I have all the shield exclusives except for...
  3. tummeys

    Pokémon Sword n Shield - Trade Thread!

    hi litcherally just made an account and idk what im doin! if a thread like this exists already, oops! here's another one, muah this thread will be used to help ppl finish the galar 'dex! pls say which version of the game you have + pokemon you need! or alternatively, post your lists of what...