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pokemon lets go eevee

  1. Evilalice

    LF: someone to help me evolve machoke and kadabra

    would anyone be able to give me a hand evolving my kadabra and machoke as they both need to be traded to evolve.. machamp and alakazam are the last two i need to complete my pokedex in lets go eevee.
  2. D

    Looking for Meowth! (Last Pokemon I need to complete the Dex)

    hey all I really need a meowth to complete the dex, will trade any Pokemon for it except for Mew and Meltan Reply back if interested, we can go decide upon the code and time
  3. J

    Pokemon let's go Eevee player looking for partner for trade exclusives

    Need help evolving some trade only exclusive pokemon
  4. J

    Pokemon let's go Eevee player looking for trading partner

    I'm looking for a trading/trade back partner to evolve machoke kadabra and the sorts asap. As I dont want to go any further without them.
  5. T

    Looking for trade evolutions

    Hey guys, looking to trade to get the trade evolutions, gravler for gravler, machoke for machoke etc.
  6. MadamMurloc

    Looking for Kabuto (LGE)

    Preferably to keep! I have an extra Omanyte and Aerodactyl but if you want something else let me know!