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pokémon scarlet and violet

  1. AgentKallus

    Pre-order bonuses discussion.

    Here is where we dicuss preorder bonuses. For physical items the only one I've seen so for is the model of the 3 starters But for digital there quite a few ball sets (boring) and this backpack I'm gonna wait till I know what the different UK retailers are offering before I place my preorder!
  2. Juanthemovie

    Pokemon SV Crater lore theory

    (This theory credits Juanthemovie and King Fish so dont go stealing our theory) Ok so after having a long talk with my friend discussing about all the possible location and story relevant areas on the new Paldea map, we got to the topic on one major thing about that map. THE GIANT CLOUD COVERED...
  3. KirliaToon50

    predictions of the future Scarlet and Violet anime

    While assuming that Pocket Monsters (2019) ends, what is this Future of Pokemon Anime will be? Will Ash Ketchum continue his adventure as usual, how will Goh part way with Ash Ketchum? Will Chloe be a Pokemon trainer? What about Team Rocket? Discuss your prediction of the future Pokemon anime...