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pokemon sword and shield

  1. W

    The best antagonist in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

    Team Yell who try to disrupt the player from winning for their idol. Chairman Rose who has good intentions for his actions. Or Sordward and Shieldbert who want to be the heroes instead of the legendary Pokemon.
  2. P

    Way to connect my Switch and my laptop to one monitor

    Hello, First time poster here. I wanted to ask if there is an easy way to connect two devices to one monitor. I only have space for 1 HDMI cable input on the monitor. I heard of splitters but not sure how that works. Is there a device that lets me chose when to switch to the laptop and when to...
  3. L

    I have Pokemon sword looking for trading help!?!?

    I currently have Pokemon sword and I am about 23 away from completing the Galar dex I was hoping that there would be someone who can help by trading the remaining ones and help trading I can also help in return
  4. Sonictrainer

    Sonictrainer's Dream Ball Boutique

    Hi, my name is Sonictrainer aka Ryan and I made this topic to help trainers get specific Pokémon inside Dream Balls and collect more Dream Balls to continue the process. Trainer Info Name: Ryan 8th Gen Pokémon Game: Sword/Shield (both have Expansion Pass) Switch Friend Code: SW-2593-3385-0127...
  5. Mythical-Moonlight

    Least Favorite Shippings?

    What are some of your least favorite Pokémon Ships? It can be from anywhere in the Franchise (Games, Anime, Movies, Manga etc) For me I don't like Lusamine/Guzma. At least in the original SuMo games she was manipulative and controlling not to mention an abusive mother to her kids. Guzma was...
  6. ShadowJourney

    LF Alcremie and their evolution items

    I'm mostly looking for Flower, Ribbon, and Star sweets. Strawberry sweets are fairly easy to get so I'm not really looking for those. I'd also like the Ribbon, Clover, Blueberry, and Heart sweets. I'm offering evolution stones and items, Pokemon (ask and I'll see if I have it or can breed it)...
  7. ShadowJourney

    LF: Meltan and Melmetal edit: Got em! Thank you!!

    Not sure what to offer for them honestly. Ask and I'll see if I have it or can get you what you're looking for. Apparently I them to complete the national / living dex for Pokemon Home and get a special Magearna? Thanks!
  8. O

    Completing Galar-dex

    Hey everyone, I’m just looking for a few Pokemon so I can complete the Pokédex in Pokemon shield. The Pokemon I currently need are: Gothita Solrock Flapple Slurpuff Scraggy Mawile Turtonator Stonjourner And zacian I can trade for version exclusives you may need. In regards to zacian I don’t...
  9. Rahus

    ♡A Lovely Place♡ CLOSED

    ♡A Lovely Place♡ ----- *Introduction* 'ello! My goal for this thread is to try and collect Love Balls through trading. I'm after mainly Love Balls, but I am also after Pokemon in Love Balls, as well as Legendary Pokemon and Mints! I'm a Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Home player, and my IGN in both...
  10. SirChicken

    Complete! C:

    All trades completed.
  11. TK-Hope

    Banned Discord Please Help

    Hello, I was just recently banned on discord, I believe that I posted the same comment twice and I apologize for that mistake. I had read the rules and didn’t realize that I asked for the Pokémon so quickly twice. According to the rules, I would get a warning of ban but received nothing like...
  12. J

    I need Drampa to complete my Dex

    LF: Drampa FT: Shiny Magikarp or what you may be looking for
  13. K

    Sword and Shield Expansion 2

    Hey everyone! I'm a new member and made an account because I wanted other people's opinions on a theory or rather speculation I have about the sword and shield expansion. Since expansion 1 is giving us 200+ pokemon to return to the Dex that would roughly put the dex to 3/4 complete. I...
  14. L

    Banned from discord - not sure why

    Hello, I’ve been a member of serebii.net for more than 10 years. I’ve never had a problem. I’ve even had several trading threads without any issues. This morning, I was setting up private max raids with some members on discord. Everything was fine. In the trade thread I posted to trade shiny...
  15. ShinyHunterMaggie9186

    Pokémon Sword and Shield Normal/Shiny Sprites

    I was wondering where might I find the two images of Sizzlipede’s Normal and Shiny sprite comparison pictures? I’m not sure why but for some reason I’m have problems with getting the pictures of Sizzlipede’s and Rookidee’s normal and shiny sprite comparison images to see what they look like...
  16. L

    Need help with Sword Legendary

    Hey so I really screwed up and accidentally got rid of Zamacenta from Shield but I still need help getting Zacian from Sword. Would any kind soul please be willing to help me out with this problem? We can discuss what kind of trade you'd like/a quick trade back just so I can get the pokedex :)...
  17. N


    Hitmontop is my last pokemon to conplete my dex. Is anyone willing to trade? I have pokemon with pokerus and a shiny sudowoodo.
  18. M

    Pokemon Sword LF: 5iv Ditto (-Speed)

    Hey, I have a 4iv Ditto with a spread of 31/31/31/31/30/pretty good if possible, I would like to trade it for a similar ditto, but with a lower speed stat (any language is fine). If there is anything else I can trade for it, i’m happy to negotiate. Then I will set up a link code for trading...
  19. J

    Trade evolution

    Need trade evolutions Dusclops w/reapers cloth Machoke Haunter Gurdurr Rhydon w/protector Shelmet for Karrablast Karrablast for shelmet Phantump SW-5903-7657-3005
  20. A

    TRADING “POKERUS” pokemon for shiny pokemon

    I have alot of extra pokerus pokemons and im trading them for shiny pokemons