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  1. Dark_King25

    What is your favorite Ash design?

    Ash had a lot of different design iterations based on his clothing and art style what is your favorite and rank all of them here in the thread Mines are 1. XY 2. DP 3. OS 4. Power of Us / Secrets of the Jungle 5. I choose you 6. AG 7. JN 8. BW 9. SM 10. Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution
  2. SoulPKMN

    Zen Mode Galarian Darmanitan Teammates?

    Any ideas on what Pokes would go well with Zen Mode Darmanitan in Solo Queue? What have you seen work well with it?
  3. mehmeh1

    League Competitor Rankings

    What kind of pandora's box am I about to open? Over the course of the pokemon anime, we've seen multiple leagues with multiple competitors, and there's been quite a bit of discussion over which league has stronger trainers or at least about who would win in a battle between different competitors...