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ren amamiya

  1. TheCharredDragon

    Behind the Glasses [Persona 5 Siblings AU] [One Shot]

    Summary: Why Ren wears fake glasses. Spoiler: it's for his sister, Akira, not because he wants to look less threatening. Set before chapter 1 of my fic, Persona 5: Refraction. It was it. The day was the day. The first day of school. Ren rushed out of his bed and got ready as quickly as he...
  2. TheCharredDragon

    Persona 5: Refraction [R] (Sibling AU)

    Content approved by bobandbill My thanks for approving this. Rated R (or M if this was AO3 or M in ESRB rating) for mature themes, violence, strong language (usually ****, crap and damn, but up to ****) blood, physical abuse, sexual themes, suicide (both attempted and past), partial nudity...