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  1. Cresselia92

    The Meaning of Ambition [Teen]

    Two royals from different eras and with opposing ideologies, both at just one step from accomplishing their ultimate goals. However, when destiny has its say on the matter, their determination and beliefs are pushed to the very limit. This is how a warlord and a king met each other. A crossover...
  2. seth forte

    If Reshiram had a gender what do you think it would be

    i made a post like this in miscellaneous discussion but some one said to put it in general. Anyways what gender do you think Reshiram would have? Ken Suigimori said in an interview that Reshiram was given lady like features, so i think its a girl Source...
  3. seth forte

    If Reshiram had a gender what do you think it would be?

    There seems to be a mix, but i've heard that "Ken Sugimori said that Reshiram was intentionally given a more "ladylike" look to contrast with the masculine-looking Zekrom." with a link that went to http://pokemonblackandwhite.net/?p=1641 that doesn't seem to work anymore.so what do you think...