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scarlet and violet

  1. T

    Additional Page Needed for Scarlet/Violet

    So maybe this has already been discussed but as I was scrolling through all the S/V pages looking for those League Official rewards, I noticed there was a page for them and a page for the Ogre Clan. What I noticed was missing was a page describing the BB League Officials who are posted at the...
  2. E

    LF: Stonjourner, Armarouge, Flutter Mane, Slither Wing. Koraidon to register.

    I'm looking to finish my Pokedex, I've gotten quite a few from suprise trading but these ones elude me. Let me know what you'd like in return. And I'm looking to register Koraidon, I have Miraidon if you need it for your Pokedex, and we can trade them back.
  3. Mega Ampharos the Dragon

    Need Violet Version Exclusives

    I need the Violet version exclusives (Which I prefer to get via the Union Circle, but trading is fine ig) (I still haven't had the chance to try the Union Circle) I already got the Dreepy line due to the event, though I missed out on the Misdreavus line event
  4. Mismage

    Pokémon Friend Wanted!

    Hello, I'm just looking for people who likes training and battling to battle with, friends stuff. Feel free to answer this or send DM, as you please. Best regards
  5. I

    Trading for Koraidon

    Edit: Decided to make a second profile speed through to get Miraidon and use my friends switch to bring it over. And then plan to be extremely careful attempting this trade again in the future.
  6. K

    Looking for Koraidon touch trade

    Hey, I'm looking for a Koraidon to complete my pokedex and will trade it back, please let me know if you need any exclusive pokemon on my end (Pokemon Violet).
  7. Sightless

    LF: 5/6, 6/6 Non English Ditto FT: Shiny Fuecoco (Great)

    As the title says, I'm looking for a perf base non english ditto but I will settle for 5/6 too if needed. The shiny Fuecoco is english, and best in: HP, Defense, Speed, Sp Def. can be ev trained/hyper trained if needed for a perf ditto exchange. Feel free to comment or message! : )
  8. Deko-kun

    Slowpoke to Slowking evolution Help!

    ((Update)) trade was completed Hey guys need some help with my Slowpoke! Please help!! ✨
  9. Juanthemovie

    The Scarlet and Violet Box Legendary Box Pokemon are not Legendry's (just a theory)

    Ok a topic that Ive been thinking about ever since completing the game. Despite what the title says I still think they are legendaries but not in the way we normally know them as. So majority of the Legendary Pokemon are deitys to certain regions or was around for the creation of the world or...
  10. NovaBrunswick

    Favorite Paldea Gym Leader? (SPOILERS)

    WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD Who is your favorite Gym Leader out of the Paldean roster? These are mine: