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shiny hunting

  1. M

    All shiny hunting methods

    Hi! I'm trying to make a list of every shiny hunting methods (even the weirdest and the most specific!), in core series games (except Let's Go and Sword/Shield). After some research, I found all the following methods. Many-encounters methods: soft-reseting runaways random encounters Friend...
  2. D

    Shiny hunting snom

    Hi, so I'm currently just over 2400 random encounters for shiny snom, I will continue but i feel like I'm starting to lose heart, does anyone else have any long chains for shinies that might make me feel a bit more hopeful? Also does anyone know if the shiny odds after 500 battles have been...
  3. B

    Shiny egg hatching

    I am using the Masuda method with a German charmander and a Japanese ditto. I have been through 918 eggs and still haven’t seen a shiny. I’m using the route 9 Pokémon daycare. I have Accidentally have run into Pokémon. Trying to get the shiny before I finish the game. Need help, my wife is...
  4. C

    Shiny Charm Help

    Hi - I'm currently playing Shield and need a few Sword Pokemon to help me finish my pokedex get my charm. Been lucky with random trading but could do with some help. Willing to trade exclusives for exclusives, if anybody playing Sword needs any help
  5. johtrio

    Shiny Breeding Odds?

    hey y'all quick question. esp for the people who r good at shiny breeding/hunting lol so after using the masuda method n abt .. 450 eggs later (it took A While. like goddamn) i finally hatched the shiny pkmn i wanted. anyways. do the odds reset after hatching one shiny? this is like my 2nd...
  6. R


    Hello, I have Pokémon sword and I wanted to complete my Pokédex as well as get some shinys. I would like to have a shiny axew, a shiny zigzagoon, a shiny onix or a shiny charmander. I have a shiny magikarp to trade for any one of those if anyone’s interested. And it would be great if someone...
  7. Nexus

    LF: Breeder with foreign game cart to breed Parent Pokemon

    Coming back to an old generation because that just happens to be where I have the Pokemon in my bank to do so. A new generation of Pokemon is upon us and I have two wish list Pokemon I'd like to get. A Shiny Sentret and a Shiny Sheller. That said I've done a lot of the legwork to have the...
  8. Mega Ampharos the Dragon

    Shiny Sableye

    I really want a shiny Sableye. The reason is that I had a shiny Boldore I wanted to evolve so I traded it with my friend so he can evolve his own regular Boldore. But he won't give me back the Gigalith until I give him a Shiny Sableye. I noticed the only way to shiny hunt Sableye is with the...
  9. Mega Ampharos the Dragon

    Best Shinies

    I'm wondering what are some favorite shines of Pokemon you can catch in USUM. I need new ideas on what new Pokemon to shiny hunt for. You can also mention any shines you've caught here. Right now, I'm shiny hunting a Paras and shinies I've caught before are a Magikarp/Gyarados, Yungoos, some...
  10. G

    Gen 3 Shiny hunting

    I was wondering if anybody knew the secret ID associated with the trainer ID: 42272. I recently caught my first shiny pokemon and attempted to deduce my SID but came up with 3 options for it. I don't know how I would go about testing them, and was wondering if A) anybody knew the SID associated...