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  1. UwULifeGaming

    SPPF Survivor Season 1

    Garfield the Glameow: Hello, and welcome to SPPF Survivor! ( based on the show hosted by Jeff Probst ) How this works: - Each Day, ( is two or three in real life ) there will be a competition. -The one contestant who wins this challenge will get Tribal Immunity. When Tribal Council begins...
  2. UwULifeGaming

    Regional Variant Survivor

    Just had this idea pop in my head! This one is like my other survivor games. Vote for three, and one gets eliminated. Some rounds may be double eliminations, or even three. Here's the list! 1. Rattata (alola) 2. Raticate (alola) 3. Raichu (alola) 4. Sandshrew (alola) 5. Sandslash (alola) 6...
  3. NeedsAName

    Small-Category Survivor: Single-Stage to Middle-Stage

    Welcome to the newest "BLANK Survivor" Pokémon game! This one will function similarly to the other Survivor games I've hosted, with 24-hour voting periods where everyone votes for one of the remaining Pokémon to be eliminated. However, the category of Pokémon we vote to eliminate will change...
  4. Dragalge

    Survivor (Pokemon and Other Stuff) - Regional Team Aces

    Because there might be a surge in different Survivor threads spread throughout the forums, I’d thought I’d make one where it can all be contained here! And it won't limited to Pokemon either but other things like video game and anime stuff! We'll do a simple voting process where you pick one...
  5. Dragalge

    Pokemon Survivor: New Edition

    (Credit to Silent Conversation for 98% of these words!) Rules of the Game There will be around 20 Pokémon at the beginning of every set. You will vote off your least favourite, and you will have ONE vote PER ROUND. Breaking this rule will cost you your vote for the round. You may change your...