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  1. Auraninja

    Interesting Pokemon facts

    So the previous Pokemon facts thread has not had a post in like 3 months. I decided to post a new thread where you can post Pokemon facts (or in some cases, interesting speculation). Anyway, there is a flower naming convention in Pokemon. You may know of Chariman Rose. He works at (Macro)...
  2. NeedsAName

    Weird Pokémon Trivia

    Here's a sort of catch-all thread for interesting Pokémon-based trivia that is odd or bizarre, though not reasonless like the already-existant thread for things that don't make sense. I'll get the ball rolling with the fact that Gen VII (Rowlet-Melmetal) didn't introduce any Pokémon in the...
  3. Spider-Phoenix

    What a Pokémon Master is - Plus some ramblings about the show

    Hi, I like making text walls. Mind if I spare some? REMINDER: there might be spoilers. Dogasu has translated the Animedia interview Ash's, Goh's, Leon's and Raihan's VAs as well as the series director Daiki Tomiyasu An interesting bit is that Tomiyasu finally sheds some light on the nature...