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  1. D

    Best types (mono and dual)

    I was just thinking, doing some math about the types. Of course a good pokemon is not only for the typing (Like tyranitar with an awful typing) but these are the ones I consider the best: Least weaknesses: If you want a pokemon with the fewest weaknesses, 1 to 3 are good. Here arw my 30...
  2. Emboar_Rulez

    Whats the weakest/strongest typing in your opinion

    Whats the weakest type or typing that you can think of?Can also be typings we haven't seen yet
  3. captainfez3

    Mono-type Play through

    This has been something I've wanted to do ever since Gold/Silver. I like to roleplay when I play video games and after I became Champion, I always thought the next thing I would do would become a gym leader. Now with waaay too many years of Pokemon knowledge, I feel like I'm OG enough that I'd...
  4. NovaBrunswick

    Unused Type Combos

    Try to come up with a type combination that hasn't yet been used in the Pokémon games. I'll start off with: Fire/Ice (This could actually be a pretty cool type combo, which would be doubly effective on Grass types.)