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  1. S

    LF: Naganadel (Will give it back)

    It’s the last Pokémon I need to complete my Ultra moon pokedex. If someone could help me. That would be great
  2. 3laynena

    What's the best gen VII shiny?

    Help me out by suggesting what i should shiny hunt next in USUM lol. Personally I love decidueye, nihilego and mimikyu's shinies the most but I'm curious as to what other people think.
  3. J

    20th Anniversary Pokemon

    Hi I'm new to the forum, and not 100% sure ifI this is the right place to post this but I'm looking for 20th anniversary Pokemon on ORAS can trade SUM2013 creation Trio, WIN2011 Johto trio, Nintendo HK Mewtwo, TRU Manaphy, ALAMOS Darkrai, or TRU Shaymin, available to trade either on USUM
  4. Joycap

    The PFT USUM Alolan Giftlocke - first come, first served.

    Not gonna lie, this has been an idea that I've wanted to do for a while, but the person I was going to do this with could never find the time (he's busy due to all the COVID shenanigans). USUM Players only. Full details...
  5. Fushigiso

    LF: Zeraora FT: Diancie

    Hello all, I unfortunately missed the Zeraora USUM event. Is there somebody out there who has some (legit) spares and is willing to trade them? FT: (legit) Diancie event Pokemon (OT: Hope, from the ORAS event) My 3DS FC: 1134-7011-4017 Thanks so much in advance for helping me out, if you want...
  6. Y

    USUM super music collection?

    Ive just been wondering if there has been any plans by gamefreak to release an USUM super music collection, as there is a lot of music in the game that isn't in regular sun and moon, and all there is out there are gamerips with the sound effects included.
  7. Ghost94

    FT: Melmetal LF: Jolly/Adamant Zeraora

    As the title states I’m offering a Melmetal with the nature of your choice for a Zeraora with Jolly or Adamant nature.
  8. H

    Europe / UK Zeraora Event Codes

    Hi everyone, This resent event has been run worldwide, with a strange cancellation for Australia and New Zealand. Our local distributor of these codes never received them and has cancelled the event, so pokefans on in these PAL regions have no local way of obtaining Zeraora. I am reaching out...
  9. DBK

    LF: Female Shiny Popplio

    I'm looking for a female shiny Popplio. Modest nature is preferred but any nature that is competitively beneficial will do. IVs don't have to be perfect but would prefer a competitively beneficial set. This is urgent as my fiancee needs one so we can officially start playing USUM (yeah I know...