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  1. X

    Unpopular Question: Has anyone had a thought of Lucario and Zoroark teaming up or battling as rivals in the Pokémon anime?

    I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and I keep wondering what would it be like if Lucario and Zoroark had an episode or an arc together as either part of a trainer’s team or as friendly rivals as each of their trainers build up for the Pokémon league. For me, I think they would be great...
  2. X

    What Pokémon do you think Ash will catch next in the next anime?

    I’ve been thinking about it lately about when Ash goes on a new journey and he’ll catch some new Pokémon on the way. In fact, there have been some speculations from fans that Ash will catch the starters from Scarlet and Violet (either one of them, two of them or all three of them), to which I...
  3. SparklingEspeon

    Do Psychic-Type Pokemon Dream Of Electric Sheep?

    Summary: Stranded in a remote village with only a gaggle of children for company and a vague notion of her past, the stoic and reserved Espurr must find a way to blend in with the crowd... or else. Based upon the character of Espurr from Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon. Rating: Fiction T...
  4. lucarioknight56

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Twilit Destinies

    Created by @canisaries Two brothers--Arthus Zoroark and Matheus Lucario--grow in a region dominated by outlaws and gangs, each suffering losses in the dark world. Together, they rise up and vanquish the darkness, establishing a force for good in the region. All is well…until their inevitable...
  5. M

    Is there currently no way to attain Zorua in BW1?

    Hey guys (this is my first post, nice to meet you all), Since the Nintendo DS Online system was taken off in 2014, is there no longer any way to obtain Zorua in Black and White 1? Sorry if this was asked before, I couldn't find a thread addressing this. I'm a lifelong Pokemon player but coming...
  6. CocoEcho

    Which pokemon do you want to play with in Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I personally think Zoroark would be a lovely addition to the roster, with a theif attack that pockets items just like villager, except he pockets items that he steals from his opponents, the attack also does a small amount of damage, the attack knock-off will knock away the opponent's item, and...
  7. lucarioknight56

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Unequivocant

    This is a story originally posted over at Bulbagarden and Fanfiction, and I'm wanting this to become more accessible to the main fanbase. This will not be the PMD universe that you are familiar with; it is one of my own invention, and I hope you will enjoy it. Lawrence Stephenson is sent to a...