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“New” Deck

Discussion in 'Rate My Deck' started by Mega Weavile, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. Mega Weavile

    Mega Weavile Well-Known Member


    Hi, I've been a fan of the TCG for a long time and 3 or 2 years ago I played on some tournaments rather than just collecting the cards.

    But during last year and, specially, this half year, I almost haven't bought cards, so I'm having some problems 'cause I want to have a deck that I can use on official competitions (DP-on).

    The thing is, I have a Royal Frost theme deck (from the D/P set), missing 2 cards (that I think I traded with someone) and I also have around 100 cards from DP, MT and SW, but since it's been a long time since I last built a deck, I thought I'd ask help here for the most experienced players. What I was thinking to do was just modify some things on the original Royal Frost deck, so I want you to give me suggestions of how to do it (based on the list of cards I have, which is at the end of the post), but if you think I can build a new one, just tell me. Oh, and please don't say that "you need [card name]" 'cause I won't be able to get any new cards for now.

    1 Empoleon (4/130 - Special Holo)
    2 Prinplup (58/130)
    4 Piplup (93/130)
    1 Floatzel (26/130)
    4 Buizel (72/130)
    2 Magneton (54/130)
    4 Magnemite (87/130)
    1 Noctowl (34/130)
    3 Hoothoot (85/130)
    1 Hoothoot (85/130)
    2 Goldeen (84/130)
    2 PlusPower (109/130)
    2 Rival (113/130)
    2 Energy Switch (107/130)
    1 Double Full Heal (105/130)
    2 Energy Search (117/130)
    2 Potion (118/130)
    6 Metal Energy (130/130)
    18 Water Energy (125/130)

    [All cards from DP]

    The crossed cards are the missing ones.

    There are cards below that are also in the Royal Frost deck list, but if they're listed here too it means that I have extra (s) of this catrd that aren't included on the deck

    List of cards I have:

    Diamond & Pearl:

    Empoleon (4/130)
    Palkia (11/130)
    Drapion (23/130)
    Drifblim (24/130)
    Dustox (25/130)
    Heracross (28/130)
    Elekid (48/130)
    Hippopotas (51/130)
    2 Magneton (54/130)
    Mantyke (55/130)
    Monferno (56/130)
    Prinplup (58/130)
    Seaking (62/130)
    2 Unown (66/130)
    Unown [D] (68/130)
    Bidoof (70/130)
    2 Bonsly (71/130)
    Buizel (72/130)
    Chimchar (76/130)
    Cleffa (78/130)
    2 Combee (79/130)
    Electabuzz (81/130)
    Gastly (82/130)
    Magnemite (87/130)
    2 Mime Jr. (90/130)
    Onix (92/130)
    Piplup (93/130)
    Ponyta (94/130)
    2 Sneasel (100/130)
    2 Starly (101/130)
    Wurmple (104/130)
    Energy Restore (106/130)
    3 Speed Stadium (114/130)
    Super Scoop Up (115/130)
    Switch (119/130)

    Mysterious Treasures:

    Aggron (1/123)
    Alakazam (2/123)
    Whiscash (40/123)
    Nidorina (56/123)
    Octillery (57/123)
    Pupitar (59/123)
    Shieldon (63/123)
    Tropius (64/123)
    Unown [E] (65/123)
    Abra (69/123)
    Bronzor (74/123)
    Cyndaquil (79/123)
    Finneon (83/123)
    Gible (85/123)
    Kricketot (86/123)
    Murkrow (90/123)
    Nidoran Female (91/123)
    Pikachu (94/123)
    Seel (97/123)
    Surskit (104/123)

    Secret Wonders:

    Ampharos (1/132)
    Gardevoir (7/132)
    Lugia (14/132)
    Arcanine (22/132)
    Jynx (30/132)
    Sharpedo (37/132)
    Breloom (45/132)
    Charmeleon (46/132)
    Farfetch'd (49/132)
    Ivysaur (51/132)
    Kirlia (53/132)
    Miltank (55/132)
    Pidgeotto (58/132)
    Roselia (62/132)
    Unown [O] (70/132)
    Bagon (76/132)
    Bulbasaur (77/132)
    Burmy [PLANT CLOAK] (78/132)
    Burmy [TRASH CLOAK] (80/132)
    Carvanha (81/132)
    Corsola (84/132)
    Diglett (85/132)
    Growlithe (89/132)
    Lotad (92/132)
    Mareep (94/132)
    Murkrow (95/132)
    Nidoran Male (97/132)
    Ralts (102/132)
    Shellos [WEST SEA] (107/132)
    2 Stantler (113/132)
    Venonat (116/132)
    2 Voltorb (117/132)
    Wooper (118/132)
    Bebe's Search (119/132)
    PlusPower (121/132)
    Professor Oak's Visit (122/132)
    Professor Rowan (123/132)
    Team Galactic's Mars (126/132)

    DP Black Star Promos:

    Empoleon Lv. X (DP 11)
  2. Poke_Mania97

    Poke_Mania97 God of Fire

    There is a new thing called "The Lost Zone" from the Platinum tcg rules. It is a similar il like h discard pile except you cant get them back again until the game is over! They have released SP cards which are basically pokemon owned by people. They are cool becaus they ar basic not stage 1, 2 etc eg. Luxray GL is basic! So far there are:
    Gl-Gym Leader and Elite 4

    Coming Soon:
    FB- Frontier Brain .
    C- Cynthia

    I would buy a Dialga and Giratna Tin.
  3. Mega Weavile

    Mega Weavile Well-Known Member

    I didn't ask people to tell me what's new on the game, I know it, I just haven't played. And I think I made myself clear when I said I didn't want people to suggest that I should buy some booster/deck/tin/card. I just want help to modify/build a deck.

    Edit: Mods plese move this to the "Rate My Deck" section. I'm sorry, I never visit this TCG section, so when I posted this thread I didn't even see that there was a sub-forum for deck-related things. Thanks in advance.
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2009
  4. SkittyOnWailord

    SkittyOnWailord ☣ⓈⓀⒾⓉⓉⓎⓄⓃⓌⒶⒾⓁⓄⓇⒹ☣

    Moved. 10char
  5. Lucario_X_Froslass

    Lucario_X_Froslass PTCG player person

    Oh, yeah. I saw you on PokeBeach... =P

    Well, I'm guessing this is for friendly stuff, so you should add in most every supporter you have... Take out the metal types and add in your Empo Lv.X and your Speed Stadiums and whatever cards let you draw cards. It's helpful. Make the deck revolve around Empoleon and have fun, I guess...

  6. Mega Weavile

    Mega Weavile Well-Known Member

    Ok, thanks. I'll wait to see if there are any more suggestions and then decide what I do. But aren't decks with Pokémon that are all the same type (or colorless) too vulnerable?

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