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• The Official Pokémon Claim Thread 6.2 • READ THE FIRST POST BEFORE CLAIMING

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Well-Known Member
Old claim: Celebi --- Illusione-Tempus --- January 19th, 2014
New claim: Milotic --- Illusione-Tempus --- February 11th, 2015

Previous claim owner hasn't been on since December.


Warlord of Shinies
Claim: Crawdaunt --- CreeperNinjaGamer --- February 10th, 2015


Gym Leader
Starmie --- SoulOfSilver --- February 11, 2015

Previous owner has been inactive for more than a year.


OML, has nobody claimed this cutie yet....

Old Claim: Phanpy --- phanpycross --- October 18, 2014.

New Claim: Swirlix --- phanpycross --- Febuary 11, 2015.


Meme Historian
Deoxys --- deoxysdude94 --- February 22, 2015

I advanced searched the user, and I got the old pokemon claim thread, and the post for the claim was under Ruru_star although the claim in the thread was the under the username listed in the thread. I looked for the user, he hasn't been around since december.
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Almighty Idiot
Old claim: Sandslash --- Sable-Xeno --- August 24, 2014
New claim: Lucario --- Sable-Xeno --- March 4, 2015

The old claimer, DarkLucarioADV, has not been on since December 18th, 2014.


Skarmory---HM02gon---March 11, 2015

Previous person hasn't been on since February 8th. I checked like 6 times.
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Fire Pokemon Trainer
Ninetales --- Rika24 --- March 16, 2015

the user hasn't posted since January 27, 2015 so i was wondering if i could claim Ninetales.
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