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& ▫ [ice] pokemon club ; vx

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Alkaide, Sep 2, 2009.

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  1. Alkaide

    Alkaide Scary Faerie♥

    ever green trees and a minty fresh sea
    & ▫ [ice] pokemon clubb ; vx - sppf's snow hearted mistress
    version ten - don’t let this die dammit!

    & ▫ [epic] // xx
    Welcome to the ipc, the place for ice pokemon lovers.
    Here we’ll discuss ice types and anything concerning them.
    Ice pokemon are delicious and i strongly intend to keep this alive.
    Be active – there’s snow way out once you’re in.​

    & ▫ [laws] // xx
    [x] all sppf rules (ie no spam. spam is bad)
    [x] write like a human ; don’t make your post spammy
    [x] absolutely no posts under two full lines
    [x] members can start a topic whenever they wish
    [x] it’s not necessary to stay strictly on the topic, just as long as it deals with ice types
    [x] don’t ask to be co-owner
    [x] feel free to advertise with the club banners – but give credit [also don’t be afraid to post your own art work]
    [x] if you want to join, PM ME asking to join. do not post it here - don't be afraid to pm me lol ^_^ ; if accepted i’ll tell you what the topic is to post here
    [x] if I ask you to edit your post to make it longer, then please do it
    [x] break a rule, and immediate ban (but i'll be lenient depending on which rule)​

    & ▫ [body] // xx
    | member | artist | [co]owner | banned |
    Mr. Joker
    The Jman
    Skyler 99
    Pokemaniac Erika​

    & ▫ [news] // xx
    mascot voting
    every member can give two pokemon out of the five, elimination strikes
    once everybody has voted, those two pokemon shall be eliminated
    then, members can "nominate" two of the remaining three pokemon
    for elimination, and once we have the bottom two, a vote will decide
    which of the two is eliminated. finally, a vote between the two and
    whichever with the most points wins. further details to be given later
    1. Sealeo
    2. Cloyster
    3. Delibird
    4. Dewgong
    5. Sneasel​
    current contest

    & ▫ [pics] // xx
    credit ; azure wolf

    & ▫ [archive] // xx

    the snowball effect
    ΩOmega WeavileΩ - ipc version one
    SlipKnoT - ipc version two
    Mamoswine Power - ipc version three
    Alkaide - ipc version four
    GT4GTR - ipc version five
    Mangaeyes - ipc version six
    Alkaide - ipc version seven
    Mangaeyes - ipc version eight
    CyberBlastoise - ipc version nine
    Alkaide - ipc version ten​

    Delibird wants
    you to join ~
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2009
  2. Alkaide

    Alkaide Scary Faerie♥

    :D It's up ~

    Thanks to whoever accepted it - Anybody who wants to join, please pm me =)

    Okay, let's break the ice ~ The first topic is your favorite ice type Pokemon.
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2009
  3. kuriboh361

    kuriboh361 Bearer of Peace

    Hi y'all! I'm in the club. And everything feels chilly just the way I like it. So, let's see... My fave ice type. Recently, I've changed my fave ice type into Dewgong. Dewgong look delicate and if one observes it closely, you can see how pretty the pokemon is. Observe the eyes. They look rather cute, don't you think? The skin, smooth and silky. And the whole is purely coloured. And it can learn four attacks when it's already level 0.
  4. Starlight Aurate

    Starlight Aurate Just a fallen star

    Heya! I'm happy tihis club was re-nade and hopefully it'll be better than the last one. My favorite ice type is... Lapras! I loved Water types, and Lapras is both Ice and Water, so it's perfect. It's also a Pokemon of my club, so I can't not choose it. I love the way it looks too, with it's pretty flippers and shell. It's just a nice Pokemon in my opinion.

    And thanks for re-making this, Alkaide.
  5. Alkaide

    Alkaide Scary Faerie♥

    I'm so glad that people are joining lol, and I plan to keep this club alive, unlike the last two times I've owned this club.

    Okay, so first things first. Starliteevee and Kuriboh361, you guys may both nominate a Pokemon each to be the mascot of this club. But Delibird, Sealeo, and Jynx have already been nominated, so you can't choose them. However, there will only be a total of 5 nominees, so once you two make your nominations, voting will begin. (Actually, I'll prolong voting until we get more members, but you know what I mean.

    As for the topic, my favorite ice type is probably Walrein. I absolutely love Walrein and it's entire evolution line. I've always been a fan of walruses, and c'mon they're just so darn cute! I remember I saw a commercial one time for the TCG, and there was a Walrein and I was like "OMG HE'S AMAZING". But Delibird and Jynx are very close seconds.
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2009
  6. Pikachu_luver

    Pikachu_luver ♪ Blue Bird ♪

    Yay I got approved for joining. Well time to answer the topic right now.
    Whats your favorite ice type Pokemon?
    Well mine has always been either Dewgong or Lapras. They were always my favorite ice types. Not to mention the both of them are very cute. <3 And they're great in battles or contests if you know how to use them. They're even cuter if you see them in their shiny form. :)

    As for nominating a Pokemon for the mascot I would like to nominate Dewgong. :D BTW thx for letting me join the club Alkaide.
  7. Alkaide

    Alkaide Scary Faerie♥

    No problem, Pikachu_Luver. =) Okay, Dewgong's been added to the nominee list, but I did change mascot voting rules, so now there will only be 5 nominees. One person may nominate an ice type, and then we'll be done.

    Anyway, I'd also like to mention that anyone who wants to submit any art work for the club, whether it be a drawing, icon, banner, etc., then please go right ahead.

    Well the favorite Pokemon will always be a topic for new members when they make their first post, so let's have an actual topic now. When did you guys first start to like ice types?
  8. Farmermon

    Farmermon Is back once again!

    Yay! a member now! I remember feeling bad right after joining an old club of this right before my computer crshed. ah well.
    Favorite Ice Type
    Definately the Swinub line! I remember chasing them and raising them all the time, and was glad to see mamoswine added in!! Hmmmmmmm unable to decide which ice type to nominate... I would like to nominate Sneasel if I can Alkaide...
    When did yo u first start to like ice types?
    When I caught my first sneasel in gold... He became a powerhouse when I went to the elite four again out of boredom. They impressed me ever sense
  9. Alkaide

    Alkaide Scary Faerie♥

    Okay, so nominations for mascot voting is over with, and once we get at least two new members (or after a week, whichever happens first) then we'll commence mascot elimination in which we each vote for two of the 5 that we don't want to see making it to the final.

    So, for the topic, I started liking ice type Pokemon when I first played Red/Blue because I just really loved all of the ice Pokemon that were created. Cloyster, Jynx, Dewgogng, Lapras, etc, I just thought they were so amazing. Plus, I've always loved winter, and snow. So I decided when I was like, five, that I was going to be an Ice Pokemon Specialist =3

    Although Lapras and Dewgong are no longer at the top of my favorite ice Pokemon, I can honestly say that there isn't an ice Pokemon I don't like. But Cloyster is definitely in the top as well as Jynx.
  10. Farmermon

    Farmermon Is back once again!

    Hmmmmmm... unable to think of a topic... but....
    What pokemon was your first ice type?
    Swinub. I loved it when I found it in gold. It wasn't a big powerhouse but I admired it anyways (I have a fetish for the farm based animals... surprise huh?)
  11. Alkaide

    Alkaide Scary Faerie♥

    Sorry, school's been keeping me busy. Who knew AP classes would be so difficult? =3

    Well it's late where I am right now, and uh, I really shouldn't even be on right now since I know I'll never wake up for school tomorrow, but I had to post here because I've been neglecting it unfortunately, which is what I said I wouldn't do. Anyway, we have a new member, Bossk.

    Topic-wise, my first ice type was probably a Dewgong. Maybe a Cloyster... I'm not sure. One of those, though. I've been playing since Red and Blue (always wished I had Green...) and have always been an ice type fan. Of course, I guess I didn't actually know they were ice types at the time since neither Seel or Shelder were... but somehow they were the two founders of my love for ice types. And from the anime I always loved Jynx but I don't think you could catch a Jynx until G/S, right? Whatever, it doesn't matter lol.


    So we'll start mascot voting soon, but should I make a club contest? If people actually post here, I'll consider making our first contest earlier than planned. But seriously, we need more activeness! RAWR!
  12. kuriboh361

    kuriboh361 Bearer of Peace

    What pokemon was your first ice type?

    Strangely enough, my first ice type is Dewgong.
  13. ssj_jd

    ssj_jd Ghost Trainer

    Thanks for letting me join Alkaide. Time to start playin in the snow.

    Whats your favorite ice type Pokemon? My favorite ice type pokemon has to be Articuno. He was the first legendary I caught, but when i started using him i realized just how great ice types are.
  14. Farmermon

    Farmermon Is back once again!

    Hmmmmmmm... I'm trying to think of some other topics to use...
    What is your Favorite Ice move?
    What is your least favorite Ice type Pokemon?

    Ugh brain block! Anyways I've been doing some hunting and am now raising a new Swinub in Platinum! Oh how I missed using them!
  15. ssj_jd

    ssj_jd Ghost Trainer

    well i just happen to be on so i think i can help with ur topc =).

    What is your Favorite Ice move? An obvious choice for me, ice beam. 95 base power plus 100% accuracy makes it a powerful and reliable move for any ice type.

    What is your least favorite Ice type Pokemon? I hope no ones takes any offence to this, but delibird is my least fav ice type. key weaknesses and bad stats along with i think only one move in present makes it my least fav.
  16. Farmermon

    Farmermon Is back once again!

    I suppose i can kinda agree with delibird... Its a cool pokemon but it only learns that one move (besides TMs and HMs) I think Game Freak should work on that, like give Delibird a pre evolution that can learn some good moves for when it evolves. That would be sweet
  17. the jman

    the jman Ak47 I choose you!

    My favorite Ice pokemon is Articuno. I think Delibird and cloyster Should be eliminated. Ice pokemon HAve lots of potential, And HAVE much more super efectivness against pokemon than weakneses.
    Strong on Ground/grass/flying/dragon/
    weak on Fire/fighting/steel
  18. Bossk

    Bossk Like a champ.

    My favorite is Lapras all the way baby! :D I also really like Dewgong
  19. Farmermon

    Farmermon Is back once again!

    Hey Bossk, you might want to edit your post... 2 full lines in this club. Anyways I've always enjoyed using Cloyster. I find it a nuisance in battle but fun to use otherwise, if I can train it right. I'm trying to raise my Swinub to Piloswine so I can evolve it to Mamoswine :) But I'm getting tired and might go to bed soon
  20. ssj_jd

    ssj_jd Ghost Trainer

    seeing something to improve delibird would be amazing. with maybe a evolution or pre-evo, it might make something of itself. i never had any problems with cloyster though, its good defence were always a positive when i needed a sponge =)
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