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○ Fullmetal Alchemist Shipping Discussion ○

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Roark <3
○ Fullmetal Alchemist ○
Shipping Discussion

Yes, this is the shipping discussion thread for Hiromu Arakawa's best-selling manga as well as the anime(s).
This thread is for all Fullmetal Alchemist shippers to have fun with each other while discussing about ships in the manga & anime(s).

Of course, every place we go to, there has to be rules, right?
1. All SPPf rules apply. Whether they are general rules, forum-specific rules or such, follow them.
2. Do not bash other ships or argue with other shippers just because you hate the ships they support. Otherwise, you'll go bye-bye from this thread.
3. When you post something that has yet to be aired/published outside of Japan, please put them in spoiler tags just in case, OK? Be fair to those who dislike spoilers.
4. When you post fan art(s), please credit the original artist. No one likes theft, right?

None yet!



1. What are some of the ships you support?

Let's start!

1. What are some of the ships you support? Why?
Well, first off, my favourite definitely has to be Roy x Riza. Riza has always been by Roy's side and supported him through all obstacles in life. Roy, in turn had shown some hints as Riza seems to be one of the most important people in his life.

*will continue answer later*

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I don't know how much I'm going to post here, because I'm not as into FMA as some people, but... what the heck?

What are some of the ships you support? Why?

I also like Roy/Riza a lot. They're so close, and Riza really looks out for Roy. I admire her dedication to him. It's not that she's not independent; it's just that she's decided that what she wants is to be with Roy and support him as best she can. Of course, I always admire it when a character is so dedicated to another despite the fact that the other person might not feel the same way. I mean, I don't like it if she's pathetic about it, but I really like it when she can accept it and be ok with that possibility. Heh, my friend turned me onto this ship, and these were the things she liked about it, too. I was still obsessed with Pokeshipping at the time, but despite the differences in our OTPs, I realized we saw them in a similar light.


Roark <3
8D Welcome, Hakajin! Yesyesyes, Roy/Riza is lovely indeed!

Now, to continue with my answer...

Besides Roy/Riza, I also support Ed/Winry because, well just because. You know, they spend quite a lot of time together, care for each other and Edward is so protective of her and all. ♥ Then there's Ling/Lan Fan, because their made for each other. Now, on the Homunculus side, Lust/Gluttony is definitely a plus for me. Come on, Gluttony going insane because Lust was killed? Obvious, isn't it?


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^^;; I don't have very strong views on the shipping aspect of FMA, but here goes.

I agree with Roy/Riza. =D It just makes so much sense.

T_T I feel that Ed/Winry's going to happen, but that makes me feel sorry for Al. And Al is adorable.

I also find the Roy/Ed slashy pairing amusing, though I really need to stretch it to see it going anywhere.


Roark <3
Welcome, zenzai!

Some pics of Roy/Riza, in spoiler tags just in case.

Feel free to post other FMA shipping pictures, too.


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Yes, I totally agree with the Roy x Riza ship. They've been working together for so long, and you know they both have feeling for each other. ;)
Now do I agree with the Edward x Winry pairing? Hmm.. How do I put this.. Yes and no?
Welp, yes, because they've known each other practically since they were babies. And, you know, long-term friend-relationships are always cute. And they fit one another. :3
But NO because it PISSES me off! If Winry definitely gets Ed, I'd be extremely jealous. I might just kill her. (Haha, jk..)
Yeah, yeah, say what you want - "It's just a manga/anime series, it's not real.." Blah, blah, blah.
While I'm quite aware of this, I would still be EXTREMELY jealous (as said before), angry, and upset if somebody else got Ed!! ><
Hahaha, it's sad, but true. XD

A ship I personally like is the Scar x Lust pair, shown at the end of The Conqueror of Shamballa.
It's random, and doesn't have any part in the anime/manga whatsoever, but it's still a good one.
Mainly because Scar always loved the woman Lust used to be since he was a teen, you know?
But it was his brother who was going to marry her.​


*Speaking strictly from the Manga/Brotherhood - I haven't seen the 2003 anime*

FMA ships are mainly no brainers - you know which ones are canon. I must say though, Arakawa-sensei's choices are pretty good.

Roy/Riza: Love it. It's an interesting dynamic on the officer-subordinate relationship, and they're obviously very close to each other. I fear for what happened in FMA 100.

Ed/Win: My fav. FMA ship. Her Tsundere character and his determination never to let her cry are very endearing. They've known each other practically forever, and the affection is quite obviously mutual.

Al/Mei: Purely on the cuteness factor.


Roark <3
Welcome, guys!

Roy/Riza: Love it. It's an interesting dynamic on the officer-subordinate relationship, and they're obviously very close to each other. I fear for what happened in FMA 100.
I fear for that, too. D=

Riza's probably going to say something like 'DON'T DO IT', provided she has enough energy before passing out or something. She has to be alright though. She's shown in almost all promotional stuff, so I think it's safe to say she's fine. I hope.


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Hands down! I'm soo RoyAi! Roy and Riza is dead Canon! DEAD CANON!
I find EdWin to be amusing too, I mean he really cares for her and she "liked" him before.
After watching 54 of brotherhood I started to like a little bit of EdEn (Edward and Envy)
I really have an obssesion with EdxWinry, they are so cute together,

RoyxRiza is pretty amazing too, got love those two together.
AlxMei, haven't seen much of it in Brotherhood, but I already support it.
LingxLanFan, it's dead obvious.
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