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~★Ocean Blue★~

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by SilverSoulLugia, May 9, 2011.

  1. SilverSoulLugia

    SilverSoulLugia Well-Known Member

    Welcome to ~★Ocean Blue★~!
    ~♪"We do our best to complete your request!"♫~

    Notice: Apologies for the delays that are going on with SilverSoulLugia's requests - I've been seriously busy with applying for college funding and volunteering positions. I'm under a lot of stress at the moment. Really sorry about this, guys, but I'll do my best to work on your requests as soon as I can.

    ★Owner: SilverSoulLugia★
    ♦Workers: Magnegross♦
    Currently hiring! PM SilverSoulLugia if you want to become a worker!

    1. Be polite - any rude behaviour will result in a warning, and a ban if it persists.
    2. Be patient - our workers do have real lives. While we will try our hardest to
    complete your request in a timely manner, sometimes this is just not possible.
    3. No more than 4 requests at a time for each worker.
    4. Use the forms. They are there to help you, as well as us.
    5. Give credit. We worked hard on these, and its nice to see our efforts acknowledged.
    6. If you have a question, feel free to send SilverSoulLugia a PM or VM.

    ~★SilverSoulLugia's Request List:★~
    1. Jehan14
    2. kyogreblue3
    3. mudkips
    4. GalacticMagmortar

    ~★Magnegross's Request List:★~

    Warning List

    Banned List



    ~★SilverSoulLugia's Forms:★~

    This lovely requester would love a banner!
    Background: [Choose a main colour, or a 'feel' - e.g. 'dark' feel, 'happy' feel, 'serene' feel, or even a specific image if you wish! If you're really not fussed, and want a surprise, just leave this blank]
    Text: [If you want words on your banner, put them here. If you don't, leave it blank. Specific placement for the words, such as top-left or middle, also goes here.]
    Image: [A picture! I can find almost any Sugimori art, and trading card art, but for easiness sake, please link to a picture. NOTE: If that picture is from DeviantART.com, I might not be able to use it for copyright reasons. I will, however, try to get in touch with the original artist and ask their permission.]
    Other: [Any details you feel you would like in addition to the Background, Text, and Image]

    {NOTE: These take a while, due to the amount of work needed. Please be especially patient while I do these. Thank you!}
    This lovely requester would love a trainer card!
    Main Colour: [What border colour would you like? Normal colours or even metallic! It's up to you! No patterns though.]
    Name: [Your name]
    Trainer: [I don't currently do custom Trainers, sorry. Please tell me which Trainer Sprite you'd like, and I'll include it.]
    Gender: [Male or Female?]
    Shadow: [What Pokemon would you like as a shadow? Also, what colour for the eyes and glow would you like? (Eventually these will be available as stand-alone Sprites, but not at the moment.)]
    Stars: [1 to 5. You can be truthful or just make it up!]
    Background: [Either a HG/SS location background, or a custom image. If you have an image you'd like me to use, please link it here.]
    Pokemon 1: [What Pokemon, and its gender]
    Pokemon 2: [What Pokemon, and its gender]
    Pokemon 3: [What Pokemon, and its gender]
    Pokemon 4: [What Pokemon, and its gender]
    Pokemon 5: [What Pokemon, and its gender]
    Pokemon 6: [What Pokemon, and its gender]
    Bottom section: [Either your Friend Code, or a short message. Anything really. You can even leave it blank.]

    This lovely requester would love an Overworld Trainer!
    Reference picture: [For the easiest option, provide a picture here that I can use as a reference. Use a photo, drawing, whatever. Just make sure that it'll work as an overworld. Facial Markings don't really show up on those tiny sprites. If you give me a reference picture, leave the other sections blank except for Other.]
    Hair Colour: Hair Style:
    Clothing: [Colours especially.]
    Shoe Colour:
    Other: [Any other details? Again, keep in mind the size of these sprites.]

    This lovely requester would love a Recolour!
    Pokemon: [Self-explanatory]
    Sprite: [Which generation sprite do you want? For example, Pikachu's FireRed Sprite, or its HeartGold/SoulSilver one?]
    Colours to use: [Either an existing Pokemon, or a specific colour scheme]

    ~★Magnegross's Forms:★~

    I'll take a banner from MG.
    Background (provided):
    Pokémon (provide if not Ken Sugimori):
    Text and style:
    Any other visual effects?:

    I'll take a fusion from MG.
    Pokémon 1:
    Pokémon 2:
    Pokémon 3?:
    Whose colors?:
    Specifics, if any?:

    I'll take a revamp/devamp from MG.
    Revamp or devamp?:
    From which Generation to which?

    Last edited: Aug 9, 2011
  2. Sarcastic Oshawott

    Sarcastic Oshawott Wow such forum

    Yay! First Request!

    This lovely requester would like a banner!
    Background: White
    Text: It's truly magical (in the center)
    Image: Samurott on the left and Gardevoir on the right
    Other: nope
  3. SilverSoulLugia

    SilverSoulLugia Well-Known Member

    Request accepted!
    Couple of Questions:
    For the background, would you like just pure white, or something a little more fancy? And for the images, Sprites or Sugimori Art?
  4. Sarcastic Oshawott

    Sarcastic Oshawott Wow such forum

    Pure white, and Sugimori, please!
  5. Ditto123

    Ditto123 ~Word~

    This lovely requester would love a Devamp!
    Pokemon: Scrafty please
    Sprite: 1st please
  6. Zozo1999

    Zozo1999 has left Serebii

    This lovely requester would love an Overworld Trainer!
    Reference picture: Ref 1 Ref 2
    Hair Colour: Reference
    Hair Style: Long a Wavy, halfway down her back.
    Clothing: Reference
    Shoe Colour: Black
    Other: "Reference" Mean that everything is answered in the Reference :30
  7. SilverSoulLugia

    SilverSoulLugia Well-Known Member

    Here it is!

    Just remove the loveheart, and remember to credit! Hope it's what you wanted!

    Ditto123 and Zozo1999, you're on the Accepted list!

    Ditto123, here's yours!

    Remove the loveheart, and don't forget to credit!

    ANOTHER Edit!:

    Here ya go, Zozo1999!
    Yours was actually the most challenging. I'm terribly sorry if anything looks off - the dark colours aren't the best to work with on such a tiny scale. And the hair gave me some particular problems trying to make it wavy. I tried my best though.

    Just remove the loveheart, and credit wherever you use it!
    Last edited: May 9, 2011
  8. Zozo1999

    Zozo1999 has left Serebii

    I love it! But could you make the hair a little brighter? the Brown is a bit dull >w<
  9. SilverSoulLugia

    SilverSoulLugia Well-Known Member

    Fair enough, I'll go do that now!

    Here's one with much lighter hair, maybe a little too light for the character, but at least you can see it now:


    And this one's a bit darker, but lighter than the first one. This is probably the closest I could get, but it's still a bit hard to see.


    Just choose which one you think is better, and as always, remember to credit! Hope the changes are satisfactory.
    Last edited: May 10, 2011
  10. KiwiDude

    KiwiDude Poké-Shop Owner

    Need a Banner for my 4th Gen Shop
    Background: Happy/Serene
    Image(s): Time Capsule, Dragonite, Ferligatr, Typhlosion, Meganium

    Size: 1200/1000x1600 (Don't really know)

    Text: Welcome To KiwiDude's Poké-Shop

    Notes: (If Possible) give it a G/S/C "feel" since the pictures are from Gen II
    your art is very very good btw ^^

  11. deoxysdude94

    deoxysdude94 I'm gonna miss my boi Deoxys...

    This lovely requester would love a Banner!
    Background: kinda like outer space
    Text: Deoxys
    Image: any kind of deoxys image
    Other: maybe add a planet in the background, if possible.

    thank you so much!
  12. SilverSoulLugia

    SilverSoulLugia Well-Known Member

    Okay, I've accepted this request, but as it's around 1AM over here and I have school in the morning, I'll have to get round to it either tomorrow or the day after.
    I'll edit this message when I start it properly. EDIT: Working on it now!
    As for the size, which you mention that you're unsure about, I'll just make it the same size as the second example? The bigger one.
    And thank you for the compliment! I'll let you off for not using the request form properly (You forgot the 'This lovely requester would love a Banner!"), but just this once, okay?

    Request accepted, and same time constraints apply (school, other life commitments). I have a few ideas for these banners already, so I'll do my best!
    Last edited: May 18, 2011
  13. Zozo1999

    Zozo1999 has left Serebii

    Thanks! I'll use the second one C:
  14. KiwiDude

    KiwiDude Poké-Shop Owner

    Thx, kinda flushed with school myself, VM/PM me when it's ready (no rush)
  15. The Z

    The Z Talking to the Moon~

    This lovely requester would love a Trainer Card!
    Main Colour: Blue
    Name: Alice
    Trainer: Female Ace Trainer from Platinum
    Gender: Female
    Shadow: None
    Stars: 4
    Background: Anything Cool
    Pokemon 1: Torterra
    Pokemon 2: Togekiss
    Pokemon 3: Arcanine
    Pokemon 4: Slowking
    Pokemon 5: Umbreon
    Pokemon 6: Jolteon
    Bottom Section: Can you make this for the Badge? if yes all of Sinnoh Badge
  16. KazeNurite

    KazeNurite Rain treader

    This lovely requester would love an Overworld Trainer!
    Reference Picture:[​IMG]
    Hair Colour: Brown
    Clothing: Reference
    Shoe Colour: Gray
    Other: Everything else should be answered in the ref!
  17. SilverSoulLugia

    SilverSoulLugia Well-Known Member

    I've got the banners finished! The Trainer Card and the overworld will be finished sometime this week, as I have a break from my exams. :)

    KiwiDude, here's yours!

    As usual, just remove the loveheart to display! Hope it's what you wanted. Don't forget to credit!

    And deoxysdude94, here's YOUR banner! Quite proud of this, actually. The dark background made it easy to work with.

    Take out the loveheart, remember to credit and there you go!
  18. AJ

    AJ ❖☢☼☯☾♛☮

    This lovely requester would love a banner!
    Background:Blue (multiple variants in value)
    Text: Not A Hater
    Image: Samurott with an extended sword made of it's shells
  19. Throhlurk

    Throhlurk Extremespeeder

    This lovely requester would love a Trainer Card!
    Main Colour: Black
    Name: Bass
    Trainer: Blue
    Gender: Male
    Shadow: Typhlosion
    Stars: Lots :) ( what do i say here?)
    Background: Blue lightning
    Pokemon 1: Linoone
    Pokemon 2: Typhlosion
    Pokemon 3: Espeon
    Pokemon 4: Lickilicky (shiny if possible)
    Pokemon 5: Hariyama
    Pokemon 6: Torkoal
    Bottom Section: Fc? ( what do i do here?
  20. TheBluePorygon

    TheBluePorygon i miss the old kanye

    This lovely requester would love a Banner!
    Background:Some sort of pokemon gym or battle arena/field
    Text:Its called Epic
    Image: Latios and Groudon
    Other: Make it look epic!!!

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