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~★Ocean Blue★~


i can show you how
This lovely requester would love an Overworld Trainer!
Reference Picture: don't have one :/
Hair Colour: dark brown
Clothing: dark blue jeans, navy blue zip jacket
Shoe Colour: any
Other: the hairstyle like Blue's ?
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Okay, accepted all requests now. Those on the waiting list, you're gonna have to wait until the main spaces are clear until I can work on your requests.
Once I've finished a few, I'll post them in this post and VM those who asked for them.


The Dragon Slayer
This lovely trainer would like a large banner please.
Backround: Black
Text: blood red "Are you afraid of Ghosts?"
Other: can you include the pokemon Gastly, Haunter and, Gengar.
This lovely requester would love a trainer card!
Main Colour: A red border
Name: Earth
Trainer: Just the standard female trainer for HG/SS please
Gender: Female
Shadow: A Murkrow with red eyes and purple glow
Stars: 2
Background: Bell Tower
Pokemon 1: Murkrow (female)
Pokemon 2: Sceptile (male)
Pokemon 3: Shiny Charizard (male)
Pokemon 4: Manectric (female)
Pokemon 5: Floatzel (male)
Pokemon 6: Aggron (male)
Bottom section: Blank

If you could do this for me, please, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

Starry skies<3

Dream Catcher.
This lovely requester would love a Banner!
Background: This background: http://www.coolmyspacebackgrounds.org/wp-content/uploads/blue%20swirls.jpg
Text: You can take pokemon out of the water, but you can't take the water out of the pokemon
Image:Move both the pokemon I want in and put the writing in the middle.
Other: These 2 pokemon are the ones I want: http://forums.pokemonvortex.org/pokemon/Shiny%20Walrein.gif
and: http://i727.photobucket.com/albums/ww274/SHIRLP_2009/th_ShinyKingdra.gif

and could you do a trainer card?

This lovely requester would like a trainer card!
Main colour: Royal Blue
Name: Skies
Trainer: Elesa
Gender: Female
Shadow: Sky Shaymin
Stars: 2
Background: http://media02.hongkiat.com/abstract/Signature-Backgrounds.jpg
Pokemon 1: Milotic (F)
Pokemon 2: Manetric (F)
Pokemon 3: Kingdra (F)
Pokemon 4: Charizard (M)
Pokemon 5: Pidgeot (M)
Pokemon 6: Linoone (F)
Bottom Section: Blank

Thank- you <3


This lovely requester would love a banner!
Background: Perhaps just a solid black background would suffice. Yes, that will do quite nicely.
Text: Blazing Heart
Image: http://browse.deviantart.com/photography/?q=fire&order=9&offset=24#/d293gfi
Other: There shouldn't be any rights issues with this one. I've worked with these guys before, they're usually all right with you using their art so long as it's not for profit.


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UPDATE: Thank you all for your requests! I have one more exam, which is on Monday, so once that's out the way, I can work at a much quicker pace. Terribly sorry for the waiting I'm putting you all through...

Thank you all for being so patient. :)

EDIT!: The main list is finally FINISHED!

Here you go everyone! (To use, remove the ♥ from the code. ^^) Please credit! A link to the shop would also be nice, but don't feel like you have to. ;)

The Z:







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Thank you so much :D it looks great, so worth the wait :)


Darkness user
This lovely requester would love a trainer card!
Main Colour: Metalic black or black.
Name: Taylor
Trainer: Palmer, Riley,Paul, Gary or Valkner
Gender: Male
Shadow: [IF Riley, Lucario. If Palmer Dragonite. If Paul, Infernape. If Gary Charizard, If Valkner Electivire. Red eye glow From Electivire, Lucario, Charizard, Infernape. Green Eye glow For Dragonite. Glow around bodies: Blue for Electivire, Lucario. Red for Charizard,Infernape,Dragonite.
Background: http://www.spriters-resource.com/ds/pokemonblackwhite/sheet/34518 The charizard one plz. Or The Dragons den from hg/ss at night.
Pokemon 1: Infernape M
Pokemon 2: Honchkrow M
Pokemon 3: Zoroark F
Pokemon 4:Shiny Haxorus M
Pokemon 5: Lucario M
Pokemon 6: Shiny Umbreon M
Bottom section: 1248 8009 2490

If you can do all four or 5 people id highly apperciate it. but 1s okay


Sword Master
do you have a spot open right now? (Whether it's main, or reserved?)

(also, I would like to request one, but I want to know if one is truly open first, before I put anything)


Ocarina of Calm
This lovely requester would love a Banner!
Background: I'm looking for a deserty / sandy feel here...
Text: It would be great if you could have 'FlyingFlygon' towards the upper left and 'Soaring Sky-High' towards the bottom right.
Image: I'd like to have a Flygon flying through a desert.
Other: Nothing else, really.

Awesome job on the other banners, btw. Thanks in advance!


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I see you do overworld trainers? Does that go for just one sprite or a whole sprite sheet? Also do you revamp overworld sprites? I want to know because I would like a specific HGSS overworld trainer to be revamped/converted into a B/W overworld sprite.

Just let me know if you are able to and I'll fill out the request form.


Sword Master
This lovely requester would love a Trainer Card!
Main Colour: Grey
Name: Silver
Trainer: Steven (Ruby/Sapphire Champion)
Gender: Male
Shadow: Dialga
Stars: 5
Background: um....a sea one, please? (Not sure what's available for this one)
Pokemon 1: Aggron, Male
Pokemon 2: Skarmory, Male
Pokemon 3: Metagross
Pokemon 4: Excadrill, Male
Pokemon 5: Scizor, Male
Pokemon 6: Empoleon, Male
Bottom Section: STEEL RULES!

Think you can do it? I have another I would like to request, but I will wait until you finish this one, and also, take your time. I'm in no rush


DW Breeder
This lovely requester would love a banner!
Background: I'd like a surprise- just avoid the pink/flowers

FC:4470 0296 9938
Image: darkrai!
Other: try to make the pic long and thin as opposed to tall and fat (sig regulations). Could you also make sure that the text can be easily read? I have had some complaints about my last sig pic that the FC near the right end is hard to read. Thanks a lot!


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Main Requests are done!
Remove the ♥, and ~Remember to credit!~

The Blue Porygon:

Code: [IMG♥]http://img43.imageshack.us/img43/2205/bannerfortheblueporygon.png[/IMG]


Code: [IMG♥]http://img69.imageshack.us/img69/9641/overworldtrainerforacet.gif[/IMG]


Code: [IMG♥]http://img8.imageshack.us/img8/181/bannerformemond.png[/IMG]

Warrior Scolipede:

Code: [IMG♥]http://img109.imageshack.us/img109/7537/trainercardforwarriorsc.gif[/IMG]


Bug Master
hey there can i have
This lovely requester would love a Trainer Card!
Main Colour:Metalic silver
Trainer:Elite 4 Aaron Sprite
Background:http://ford206.deviantart.com/art/Pokemon-Trainer-Card-Templates-54644955 (use the green one)
Pokemon 1:Yanmega M
Pokemon 2:Heracross M(shiny)
Pokemon 3:Shuckel M
Pokemon 4:Heatran M
Pokemon 5:Conkeldurr M
Pokemon 6:Quagsire F
Bottom Section:Huge Fan of Bug
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