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~★Ocean Blue★~


True Beauty
This Lovely Requester would love an Overworld Trainer
Reference Picture: Don't have one..However I'd Like Cynthia Dressed in Marley (DP'S) clothing (If that's possible!)
Hair Color: Blonde
Clothing: Marley's outfit. But could you make the dress white & the trim Black? Basically the opposite of Marley's original outfit.
Shoe Color: Black
Hair: like Cynthia's

Thank you in advance if it's possible to do!
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Accepted. Sorry for the wait, was on vacation at Six Flags.


Code: [IMGo]http://i1109.photobucket.com/albums/h437/yunoguy/scraggydevamp.gif?t=1312873206[/IMG]

Just remove o.

Thanks its awesome!


Sword Master
Is Magnegross open for requests right now?

(Yes, I am back again. I want another card, but I want to know if a spot is open up before I request something)


Sword Master
I'll take a banner from MG.
Background (provided):
Pokémon (provide if not Ken Sugimori):
Text and style:
Any other visual effects?:

Okay, I am going to list what I want here, because I don't know the exact areas it could be filled out in the text above

- I would like a Scizor to be on the right side, in the stance of it's HGSS sprite.
- A Gallade on the left side of the banner, mirroring Scizor's pose, if possible. Those two would be the far right sides.
- In the middle, I would like the words Phoenix Shadow, all caps please, but have Shadow underneath Phoenix, and the S kind of below the H in Phoenix.
- Between the words, and Gallade, I would like a Swampert using Surf, in it's BW sprite pose, but facing to the right instead of to the left.
- Between the words, and Scizor, I would like a Zapdos using Thunder (more of lighting striking around) using it's HGSS pose (still facing left).
- Above the words, I would like a Chandelure using a blue flame attack (kind of floating blue fireballs scattered about).
- Below the words, I would like a Drapion facing us, using a Cross Poison attack (a purprle X across would be fine)

As for background (or the spaces in the gaps), maybe the black color.
For the words, could they be in a fiery orange color?

Please let me know if you can do this, and if anything is needing cleared up


Taking over Serebii
This lovely requester would love an Overworld Trainer!
Reference Picture:
Hair Colour:
Shoe Colour:
Other: Just ash with a reference to Victini. Could you do up, down, left and right ANIMATED sprites in a sheet?


Traner Card

These are by far the best Trainer Cards I've ever seen! :D

This lovely requester would love a Trainer Card!
Main Colour: Dark Blue (Like Blue Version Blue)
Name: Robert
Trainer: Here If that won't work, then just Red/Ash.
Gender: Male
Shadow: None
Stars: 4
Background: HG/SS Forest
Pokemon 1: Nidoking
Pokemon 2: Blastoise
Pokemon 3: Raichu
Pokemon 4: Venusaur
Pokemon 5: Zapdos
Pokemon 6: Mewtwo
Bottom Section: Kanto Trainer

jireh the provider

Video Game Designer
I'll take a banner from MG.
Background (provided):

Pokémon (provide if not Ken Sugimori): I'm needing solid snake from MGS4 Guns of the patriots / Solid Snake of Super Smas Bros Brawl
Text and style: War has Changed (style: As Military as possible)

Request 2:
I'll take a fusion from MG.
Pokémon 1: Flygon
Pokémon 2: Mothim
Whose colors?: Mothim's colors
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Well-Known Member
This Lovely Requester would love an Overworld Trainer
Reference Picture: I'd like a sprite of Silver (from HG/SS) in B/W style.

If possible, I'd like a set of walking sprites.


Well-Known Member

Well, I've been away for months, and there's been many good reasons for that.*
I'm working on catching up with requests - there's a few that'll take a while, so if everyone could hang on just a little more, I'd be so greatful!

*Said reasons are:
♥ I've been working on my new college course, a Video games Development introduction course, and even though I've only been there for half the time everyone else has (switched halfway through the year), I've been able to catch up on the work. As such, I can now make iOS platformer games! (NOT for request! I'm just telling you guys what I can do now. :p
♦ I'm also in the process of applying for a HND Computer Arts and Design course, which is a two-year course. Haven't been accepted yet, but I've got a strong application.
♣ I have a job now! Sorta. I volunteer at a charity shop, so that also cuts my free time.
♠ A few months before the end of the year, I got into Terraria, a Minecraft-esque game on Steam. I loved it so much, I joined a clan. The clan is inactive now, but I'm working on bringing it back.

So, as you can see, I'm super-busy. But there's a holiday coming up, so I should have time to work on requests.

Thanks for the understanding and patience, guys! ~♥


This lovely requester would love a trainer card!
Main Colour:dark green
Name: Benlo7
Trainer: the main boy from black and white
Gender: M
Shadow: Gallade green green eyes
Stars: 3
Background: the one in the examples (i don't have those games so i don't know them all :p)
Pokemon 1: Swampert
Pokemon 2: Blaziken
Pokemon 3: Sceptile
Pokemon 4: Flygon
Pokemon 5: Metagross
Pokemon 6: Luxray
Bottom section: My friend code (its in my sig :D)
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"Spite" DefaultAsAwesome

Well-Known Member
This lovely requester would love a Banner!
Background: Purple with streaks of blue running across it.
Text: Default As Awesome
Image: I mainly need this as a background, so I can handle the image myself. I'm waiting for another shop to give me part of the image, so I can't give it to you now.
Other: Can you put a little dark-purple hill on the bottom? Also, put the text way on the top. Thanks!


DW Breeder
This lovely requester would love a banner!
Background: I'd like a surprise- just avoid the pink/flowers

FC:4470 0296 9938
Image: darkrai!
Other: please try to make it look *cough* cute, as I like this side of darkrai (as is seen by the use of a plush in the image)