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☆ The Unloved Pokemon Club v.2 ☆

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by WizardTrubbish, Mar 28, 2012.

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  1. WizardTrubbish

    WizardTrubbish Enough of that

    Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Unloved Pokemon Club! Here, we honor all those poor Pokemon that a majority of the fan-base, for some reason or another, can't stand.

    What Do We Do Here?
    This club, obviously, is centered around unloved Pokemon, because we love them, unlike most of the fanbase. We talk about, write about, and draw unloved Pokemon. Basically, if anything relates to unloved Pokemon, it goes here.

    What is an Unloved Pokemon?
    Since everyone has their personal favorites, what qualafies as an unloved Pokemon is subjective. Afterall, Eevee is not exacty loved amongst Competitive battlers, but a seven-year-old girl might love it. A pokemon is generally not considered unloved if it has a single big fanbase. Generally, we can categorize unloved pokemon into three groups.
    Underappreciated- Not exacly hated, but generally forgotten.
    Underrated- Not very well liked, but not outright hated
    Unloved- Outright hated
    If a pokemon falls into any of these three categories, we lable it as unloved.

    A Brief History of The ULPC
    This all started as a group (The Magikarp group) founded by Toobworm. Eventually, Toob made it into a group and the ULPC was born. Toob left Serebii and put MugoUrth in charge, but, because a lot of prominent members stopped posting, the club shriveled up and died. Then came along the second version, which was much more sucessful. Unfortunately, Articuno_rocks, the owner of the second version had it locked because she didn't have enough ime to run a club and said anyone was free to remake it, and here we are.

    1. All SPPf rules and Club rules apply
    2. Respect other's opinions. We all can like whatever Pokemon we want, there's no need to bash other Pokemon
    3. Don't be mean or rude to anybody
    4. To join, just post here with a reason you want to join
    5. Once you're a member, be sure you're contributing and not spamming or being a burden. One-liners are not tolerated here.
    6.If you're a member, you must post here at least once every two weeks unless you let me know when you'll be back.
    7. you get three posts before you have to join or leave
    8. If you break the rules, you will receive any punishment from a warning to ban to permaban, depending on the severity of the offense.
    9. Have fun!

    ShinyRaikou- Owner
    gorilla101- Co-Owner
    Missingno. Master
    Infernova Lv. 999

    I am currently looking for two co-owners. If you would like to apply, shoot me with a PM. Also, I need someone to maintain the official list of unloved Pokemon.
    Curren Staff:
    ShinyRaikou- owner
    gorilla101- co-owner

    Unloved Pokemon of the Week
    Like the serebii POTW, we post movesets and overviews. The overviews are our opinions on the Pokemon and the movesets can be anything; funny, crazy, competitive, anime contest, whatever you can think of.

    As the club is still new, we'll have a vote on who will be the first ULPOTW

    Fan Work
    Any fan fiction or fan art relating to unloved pokemon will be put here. It'll be arranged alphabetically by username.
    Claim an Unloved Pokemon
    To claim an unloved Pokemon, just use this form:
    Pokemon/ Username/ Date
    Ex) Lickitung/ ShinyRaikou/ 3/28/2011
    You can change a claim at any time

    Support the Club
    We are currently looking for a banner for the club. You can make your own, or have it made by someone else, but mke sure you tell us who made it so we can give credit where credit is due.
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2012
  2. WizardTrubbish

    WizardTrubbish Enough of that

    Bumbity bumb bump
  3. Psychic Lunatone

    Psychic Lunatone <--The Handsome Rock

    I would like to join :D
    I'm a big fan of Unloved pokemon like Magikarp, Luvdisc ect...
  4. WizardTrubbish

    WizardTrubbish Enough of that

    You may join. So, to kick off a discussion, what's your favorite unloved pokemon?
  5. Psychic Lunatone

    Psychic Lunatone <--The Handsome Rock

    My all time favs are Qwilfish and Magikarp but if I had to choose it would have to be Qwilfish.
  6. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    Qwilfish is one of my all-time favorite Pokemon. Weezing's my favorite, but Qwilfish is tied with several others for close second. Hell, high on my list of pet peeves is seeing Qwilfish's name misspelled. Another reason your post makes me happy.

    Oh, yeah, I want to join. I tend to be a fan of the more underappreciated Pokemon, which possibly accounts for why Qwilfish and Dunsparce are among my favorites. One thing I love to do is use some really unloved Pokemon on Random Matchup, usually stuff like Dunsparce and Stunfisk, and kick total *** with them. I've gotten some sweet wins, too. In fact, I remember one time, many years ago, on the simulator NetBattle, when some good Baton Pass usage led to me sweeping with- wait for it- an Azurill.
  7. Psychic Lunatone

    Psychic Lunatone <--The Handsome Rock

    I've got the exactly same pet peeve :D My friends drive me insane, all the time they constantly get it mispelt or pronouced wrong!
  8. Pokemonpal7

    Pokemonpal7 Jungle Ninja

    Maggyo is amazing. My friend loves them so much. His username is Maggyo, he has shiny, unhacked maggyo, he even got a shiny maggyo plush :). And he does great maggyo art XD. I would like to join.
  9. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    I've never heard it get mispronounced, but you see it misspelled all the time, usually by putting a "u" where the "w" is supposed to be. Drives me nuts!


    a Shiny Stunfisk...


    OK, new goal in life right there. I need me that plush.
  10. Psychic Lunatone

    Psychic Lunatone <--The Handsome Rock

    I hear it Qwilfish pronouced Qwilf-ish or Qwif-ish (the second one because its misspelled.)
  11. Shadowy Arceini

    Shadowy Arceini (insert title here)

    My entry:

    I just LOVE Magikarp! It can learn Bounce and Flail, some of my favorite moves! I also like its name! (Magic+karp=Magikarp.) And it's one of the only two Pokemon that can learn Splash! Sure, it has low stats, but why underrate it, in my opinion? Please let me join!

    Yay a shiny Magikarp!!!!! :D
  12. Dawn and Piplup

    Dawn and Piplup Piplup+Pikachu Fan

    I think Hoppip which is quite a forgotten pokemon is super cute! :)
    Piplup has quite a few haters and he is my favourite pokemon!
  13. Shadowy Arceini

    Shadowy Arceini (insert title here)

    My favorite unloved: Magikarp
    My most-hated popular Pokemon: Lugia, Entei, Alakazam, Pidgeotto
  14. Not_A_Cyberbully

    Not_A_Cyberbully Claimed Gabite

    [BANNER][/BANNER]Can I join? I love Corsola and Audino! I also like Spiritomb, unlike most people. Plus, I can do art!

    Corsola/ cooloolcool/ April 21, 2012
  15. Shadowy Arceini

    Shadowy Arceini (insert title here)

    I'm not sure if Spiritomb is underrated.
  16. Not_A_Cyberbully

    Not_A_Cyberbully Claimed Gabite

    So I'm in? I guess he isn't but I wasn't sure. I also forgot to mention Articuno. All of those Pokemon are awesome.
  17. Flame Mistress

    Flame Mistress Well-Known Member

    If you consider Snivy underrated (seriously, it's just his moveset that lets him down, everything else is perfectly fine), then I'm in.

    I think that pretty much every Grass-Type starter is underappreciated. The only ones they like are Treecko and maybe Bulbasaur. They need more love!
  18. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    I like Snivy, though you gotta admit the movepool needs serious work. Still, I used a Serperior in White Version, and I gotta say, Coil and Leech Seed helped out a lot against N and Ghetsis.

    Relatively recently, I played through SoulSilver with Chikorita as my starter. Predictably, it wasn't too easy, but I kinda had fun with it.

    As far as Turtwig goes, well, I won't deny I always chose Chimchar in Diamond and Pearl, and even then only because my only other Fire-type option was Ponyta, and I'll be honest, I prefer Infernape to Rapidash. In Platinum, however, as my team plans included a Flareon, I was free to pick another starter and I went with Turtwig. And I found that even though Torterra was almost painfully slow, it wasn't a bad experience.
  19. Shadowy Arceini

    Shadowy Arceini (insert title here)

    Actually, did you know that Venusaur is stronger than Blastoise and Charizard?? That's why I chose Bulbasaur.
  20. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    I don't really have a preference when it comes to choosing a Kanto starter, though Bulbasaur, as a Poison-type, is one of my favorites.

    On the subject of Kanto-centric games, anyone else ever buy the Magikarp from the Magikarp salesman, train it, and use it on your team? I did that last time I played through LeafGreen. It wasn't easy- I skipped all the trainers I could between the start of the game and the purchase of Magikarp (except for the second fight with my rival CHSBALL, as that opportunity goes away once you get the Boulder Badge anyway), then once I bought Magikarp, I tracked back and did the switch method to train it against every single Pokémon I came across, wild or owned. After doing this long enough, I got Magikarp to level 18 once I got to Cerulean City, whereupon I was able to use the two Rare Candies you have access to by then (one's in Mt. Moon, first floor; the other one's hidden in the badge guy's backyard in Cerulean City) to evolve it into Gyarados. Hard work, yes, but worth it.

    And on the subject of that particular playthrough, you know what really doesn't get enough love? Butterfree. People train up a Caterpie for a temporary user of Confusion early on with an accurate Sleep Powder on the side, and then ditch it the instant something better comes along. It was with that injustice in mind that I caught a Caterpie in Viridian Forest in LeafGreen and painstakingly worked to evolve it. I vowed to never treat my Butterfree like anything that was replaceable.

    You know which of my Pokémon single-handedly took out half the Champion's team in LeafGreen? Butterfree. I kid you not. I was able to use a level 50 Butterfree to take out CHSBALL's level 57 Alakazam, level 61 Exeggutor, and level 63 Blastoise. Granted, Blastoise was already weakened by the time I was kicking *** with Butterfree, but that's when CHSBALL decided to break out the Full Restores. That's right. Full Restores. Plural. And I still won. With Butterfree. Moves were Psychic, Shadow Ball, Silver Wind, and Sleep Powder.

    Butterfree currently resides in my PC in Black Version along with the rest of my LeafGreen team. I rotate it on and off my team regularly, as I do with all the Pokémon I've used in-game in past games and wound up bonding with.
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