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♥~!The Cute Pokemon Club!~♥

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by abrar14, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. abrar14

    abrar14 Statter Master

    Hello, and welcome to...

    The Cute Pokemon Fanclub!

    Pokemon of the week: Pachirisu!

    If you love any or all of the cute Pokemon in the Pokeworld then this is the place for you! These Pokemon may not always be the strongest or the most useful, but they sure do manage to make you smile whenever you see them. As a trainer it's your job to work with anything and realize that stats aren't everything, and that becomes far easier when you love your partner to pieces!​

    Every club has to have its own rules, so here are our's;
    1. Follow all Rules. (it's a given!)
    2. Please try not to spam, troll or harass. :)
    3. Try to somewhat stay active. :)
    4. As cuteness varies from person to person, Pokemon will be added to the list depending on what the group wants; everyone gets to add up to two Pokemon to the list upon joining and more will come in competitions and discussions!
    5. Everyone can choose one partner Pokemon from the list upon joining (includes the ones you add!) and a nick-name it if you want.
    6. Enjoy!

    -Sign-Up Form-
    Two cute Pokemon:
    Partner Pokemon:

    Our Cute Pokemon!

    if you want to add another one pm/vm me​

    Points System!-
    Each member has a number in brackets next to their name. This number is the amount of points you guys have! Points are used in a reward scheme that is listed below. Points can be earned in the following ways...

    - Join the group = 10 points​

    - Make a post = 1 point

    - Enter a competition = 5 points
    - Win a competition = Varies between competitions
    - Being helpful = If you're generally helpful organizing the group, helping with competitions, etc, then expect some points!
    - Presents! = Holidays, Birthdays and if I'm in a good mood all warrant a present, so what better present than more points?
    More to come! ​

    Prize Shop!-
    This is the place to trade in your points! Send me a PM in order to exchange points and I'll give you your prize. Bare in mind that once you spend your points you're gonna have to earn more to have a new prize!

    Points - Prize)

    Forum Prizes
    10 - Add an extra '3' to your heart! (costs +10 points per '3')
    15 - Choose the Pokemon Of The Week! (one person per week!)
    20 - Collect a star by your name! (costs +20 points per star)
    30 - Add one Pokemon to the main list!
    50 - Make your partner into the shiny (or alternate) version!
    100 - Receive a new partner Pokemon! (costs +200 points per partner)
    125 - Choose your own member title and colour!

    -Current Topics!-

    Current: 'What do you think makes a Pokemon cute?'

    -Current Competition!-

    TylerS- Ossshowat- 11 points
    DarkLightDuo-Umbreon-11 points
    No 1 Machop Fan-Machop- 11 points
    Dane12- Starly- 11 points

    It's competition time! Our first competition will be a matter of imagination and design. Your job is to create a new cute Pokemon! You have to list its name, evolutionary stage, origin (what its based on), colour scheme, how you thought of it and a brief description of it's behavior; you could even draw a picture if you want! Of course this is entirely optional to enter, but it's a good way to get points! When all entries are made, each member will get one vote for who's Pokemon was the cutest and the winner gets a prize! Since we want to start the competitions off with a bang, this prize is a whopping 75 points and the ability to choose your own member title! To enter, PM AlexOzzyCake with your entry and once enough have been received, they will be displayed for voting in the group thread.
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2011
  2. kuzronk

    kuzronk 1 Reputation Comment

    Name:Tyler *TylerS*
    Two cute Pokemon:Squirtle and Torchic
    Partner Pokemon:Oshawott
  3. DarkLightDuo

    DarkLightDuo Darkness and Light

    Name: DarkLightDuo
    Two cute Pokemon: Espeon, Pichu
    Partner Pokemon: Umbreon
  4. No. 1 Machop Fan

    No. 1 Machop Fan Well-Known Member

    Name: No. 1 Machop Fan
    Two cute Pokemon: Machop and Chimchar
    Partner Pokemon: Machop
  5. Sir Spacebar

    Sir Spacebar Time to change fate!

    Name: Dane12
    Two cute Pokemon:pikachu and Snivy (WHO CAN NOT RESIST)
    Partner Pokemon: Starly
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2011
  6. abrar14

    abrar14 Statter Master

    Welcome to the club everyone
  7. abrar14

    abrar14 Statter Master

    major edit of first post
  8. No. 1 Machop Fan

    No. 1 Machop Fan Well-Known Member

    So, the founder of the club has been banned. What happens to the club now?
  9. Randomness

    Randomness He is already here.

    He's going to be back, if he's not permabanned, that is.
  10. Taposa

    Taposa The Luckymon Knower

    Name: Taposa
    Two cute Pokemon: Shaymin (Sky Forme),Buneary
    Partner Pokemon: (Could I put nicknames? If yes,)Jasmine the Shaymin (Sky Forme)

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