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❂❋❂ The Rise of the Beasts ❂❋❂

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The Founding of the Republic

After the fall of the mighty Vulcan Empire, the world stood silent, as the Empire was the most stable clan of all. The Vulcans used to believe that their Empire will never fall, but alas, barbarian incursions and the citizens themselves, through dissent, contributed to the downfall of the seemingly invincible clan.

Vincent, the Imperium Emperor, exiled himself to a remote farmland in the outskirts of the Empire, as the Vulcans destroyed their own Empire at the capital. Meanwhile, three brave and loyal citizens planned a way to create a new Empire. The Big Three, which was composed of TrainerChris, Marshal Extroph, and Khybon, gathered a number of loyal Vulcans and found Vincent, then they all persuaded him to leave mainland Vulcan and create another civilization.

And so, after about 80,000 miles of seafaring, Vincent and his crew landed in a remote, Western part of the continent. The crew quickly set out to make their living quarters, their farms, and other essential institutions….but alas, they just could not survive in the harsh surroundings of the untamed land. The next day however, the crew awoke, and behold! A great number of tribesmen were surrounding them. All of them quickly drew their muskets and stood in defense of the Emperor, prepared for battle. The Emperor himself drew his Iron Sword of Vulcan. But to their surprise, the multitude of the warriors bowed to them.

An old man, now known as the principal priest of the Panthera clan, came to them and, to the four’s surprise, spoke to them in the Vulcan tongue. The priest told them that the land they were in was called Animus, and that it had the most fertile soil, the best-tasting water, and the thickest forests in the world. He went on to tell them that the land was ruled by three clans, called Panthera, Reptilia and Canis. Finally, he told them that all the cities had a common prophecy: that men with strange clothes will come to Animus, wearing orange, green, blue, and red, and that those men must become the rulers of Animus. The man in the orange will rule the skillful Panthera clan, the man in the green will rule the resilient Reptilia clan, and the man with the blue will rule the loyal Canis Clan. The man in the red, the priest said, was the physical manifestation of the Great Spirit, and that it was the man in the red who will act as a symbol of unity among the clans. According to the priest, such were the words of their god, Arkkiyus.

Overtime, the natives were Vulcanized, and spoke fluently with the Vulcan Tongue. The Union of tribes was also named the Animus Republic, and was classified as a superclan, as it was made of three different ones combined together. Extroph, the man with the orange, had the title of Panthera Fatalis. Chris, the man in the green, had the title of Reptilia Orientalis. Khybon, the man in the green, had the title of Canis Lupus. Vincent, the former Emperor, eagerly abandoned his Vulcan Imperial Title in favor of his Animusian/Vulcan one: Animus Magnus, which meant Great Soul literally and Great Mind in the Vulcan language. Both meanings fitted Vincent, and he was delighted to have such a title.

And so, the Animus Republic was formed. Its members are among the most loyal and hard-working of all. Even Vincent knew that Animus had an even bigger potential than his old home of Vulcan. With this thought, he smiled, and turned to face his Eagle Warriors, who were awaiting orders to protect the clan.




Without Rules and Regulations, civilization would cease to exist. Likewise, in order for the Republic to function, rules are needed to stabilize it. Listed below is the Codé Vincént:

Miscellaneous Laws:
~Do not use foul language.
~No advertising or spamming.
~No trolling, flaming, or being hateful.
Please be nice to other members. We are all under the same flag of the Republic. We are all brothers.
~Respect all the members, especially the clan leaders.
~No whining/complaining when you lose a battle, etc.
~Do not ask to be a member of the War Team
~NO illegal stuff discussion, etc. (ROM, hacking, SAVs, etc.)
~Give credit to people who make you artwork.
~DO NOT edit the clan userbars.
~CRITICISM LAW: The Leaders are in charge of the clan. They have toiled restlessly for the Republic. Please, if you want to be called a Citizen of Animus, do NOT criticize the leadership in ANY way.
~COMMON SENSE LAW: These are the general rules. Use common sense. If you think what you're doing is wrong, then it probably is. If you're really not sure, PM one of the Founders.

Battling Laws:
~Only fair battles will count. No hacked Pokemon.
~Challenge Cup doesn't count as a Republic Battle.
Members must post this form after a battle in order to earn RP, or Republic Points:

Against: (name of opponent)
Outcome: (W/L)
Score: (6-6)

~Do NOT post additional comments. Comments about hax are discouraged and looked down upon.



Republic Points are the clan's way of making members rank up based on experience and performance.

~Becoming a member of RoB=2 RP, 5 RP if you were a GVV/PI member.
~Recruiting/Referring a new member=8 RP
~Winning against a member of a lower rank than you=1 RP
~Winning against a member the same rank as you=2 RP
~Winning against a member 1 rank above you= 3 RP
~Winning against a member 2 ranks above you=4 RP
~Winning against a member 3 ranks above you=5 RP
~Winning against a member 4 ranks above you=6 RP
~Winning against a member 5 ranks above you=7 RP
~Winning against a member 6 ranks above you=8 RP
~Winning against a Clan Leader (you can only battle ONE leader once a day)=9 RP
~Winning a point in a Clan War=10 RP
~Breeding a requested Pokemon=9 RP
~Breeding a requested Pokemon with RNG=5 RP




The Grand Bazaar is the most bustling place in the world. It reflects the prosperity and the might of the Animus Republic.

The Grand Bazaar can be found in our clan forums, and that is where clan artists, breeders, traders, and etc. can post their shops. Note that in the Animus Republic, we do NOT have a currency, though RP is an optional form of currency. This is due to the fact that we are a FAIR clan. We want shopkeepers to get a good deal when they say goodbye to their merchandise, or, in the artist and EV Trainer's case, we want them to get a good deal in exchange for their services. We want them to have something that they want too. And that is why we have a semi-barter-trade system here. If members want something from the shopkeeper, then they better have something the shopkeeper wants, as well. Again, you CAN use RP as money, but it is optional.




--EV Trainer

NOTE: Each of the Jobs has a specific userbar for your chosen Tribe. Please wear the userbar that corresponds with your tribe.

(Panthera Left, Reptilia Center, and Canis Right)


JOB: Making art for the clan
Checker: Extroph

I want to apply for an Artist position
What you can do:


JOB: Training members' Pokemon competitively
Checker: Imperiumemperor

I would like to apply for an EV Trainer position
Username and link to profile:
Background Experience:


JOB: Cloning members' Pokemon
Checker: Pambi

I would like to apply for a Cloner position
Username and link to profile:
Background Experience:


JOB: Breeding for the Clan
Checker: Khybon and TrainerChris

I would like to apply for a Breeder position
Username and link to profile:
Background Experience:



The Order of the Eagle

The Army of the Republic, more formally known as The Order of the Eagle, lives and trains here in the Temple of Triumph. The victories of the Republic are also displayed here.

The Eagle Warriors:




The Republic's Victories





The WarBand Totem is an original idea of the Republic. It was made by Extroph, the Great Chief. The Totem System is a highly efficient system that tests determines Warriors based on skill and ability, not luck.

The life of an Eagle Warrior is harsh and unforgiving. Constant battles with resilient neighboring tribes have made each warrior as brave as the Great Spirit himself.

But of course, the life of an Eagle Warrior comes with its benefits. The best part of the hunt and the harvest always goes to the Warriors, and being a Warriors meant great honor and prestige for one's family.

That is why it is every citizen's dream of becoming a protector of the Republic. So the question is....how DO you become an Eagle Warrior?


~To apply, one must be at least a Rank 3 member.
~To apply, one must have spent at least a month in the clan to be a War Team member.


Am I at least a Rank 3 member?: (Y/N)
Have I been in the clan for at least a month?: (Y/N)
I wish to be tested by the Original Warriors.


~After you post you application form in the clan thread, wait for a Leader to approve it.
~After the Leader approves it, proceed to battle the Original Warriors (does not have to be in order):


~Remember, you HAVE to beat all of them, or else you will be denied entrance into the War Team.
~If you are defeated, you can apply for the war team again after 2 weeks from your last Totem Battle.
~If you get haxxed, you can request for a rematch.


~You can only have ONE rematch. (Both parties, tester and applier, can have one rematch.)
~You must get a score greater than or equal to the score your opponent got the previous battle. This is to prove that you actually have the skill to beat the haxxor, and that you were just beaten by hax.
~If you win your rematch, but fail to get a score of greater than or equal to that of the haxxor, you will be considered defeated.



~Khybon=Animus Magnus, aka Supreme Chief
~pambihirang_nilalang=Panthera Fatalis aka Great Chief
~TrainerChris=Reptilia Orientalis aka Chief
~Khybon=Canis Lupus aka Chief


*Credit to Extroph for the userbars and the banners*

Serebii Username:
PO Username:
*Pokemon game* FC:
Which division would you like to be in (Panthera, Reptilia, Canis):
Rate yourself as a battler out of 10:
How can you contribute to the clan:
Additional comments:
Who referred/recruited you:

For best visual results, go to the Lowest Left part of the page, and switch the forum style to "Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow."


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Welcome to the skillful Panthera Clan. Our warriors are as strong as jaguars, stealthy like tigers, fast-moving like cheetahs, and strong-willed like lions. To join the Panthera Clan is to dedicate your soul and body into the arts of perfecting human skills.


I am your leader, Extroph. Raikou represents the sabertooth, the strongest of all the feline family. His control over lightning shows his immense power over others.

Serebii Username: Extroph
PO Username: [RoB]Extroph or Challenger13
RP: 0 points


Entei is a great mascot for a coleader. It symbolizes the fire that must be kept alive. Entei's strong leadership as a lion also symbolizes the coleader's great potential to be a great asset. You must not ask to be a coleader or you will never get the job.

Serebii Username:powao
PO Username: [RoB]Powao
B/W FC: 4513-3280-8905
RP: 20 points



Being this high in the clan's social pyramid is an honor. You are looked up as a clan hero, weather it be your strength in battle, your helpfulness towards the community, or your wise words that rally the warriors.




Being compared to the stealthiness of Weavile is a great achievement. His power of surprise and sharp claws make him an worthy foe to others. Elite warriors tend to make Weavile their war god's base.




Being like Persian means you are quickly rising through the social pyramid. Bankers and tax collectors worship gods that are based off Persian due to its skill in stealing money and successful escapes.




Liepard's stealthiness is an inspiration for Panthera warriors. To be like Liepard means to master your breathing and muscle movement to never give yourself away.




Glameow's charisma is important to the art of the feline. To keep an enemy closer than a friend is important to a great warrior, and so charisma can make a normal person a successful spy when it is mastered.




Skitty is a great symbol for the growing warrior. Although small, Skitty possesses the power of evolution, meaning it has great potential.



Meowth is the typical mascot for new warriors. They don't know much about many things, but it perseveres.

Serebii Username: Victor d_Artagnan
PO Username: [RoB] Victor
*Pokemon game* FC: N/A
RP: 0 points

Serebii Username: Halcrus
PO Username: Halcrus
*Pokemon game* FC: N/A
RP: 0 points


CLAN OPENS --10-23-11

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Well-Known Member

Welcome to the powerful Reptilia Clan. Our warriors are as strong like crocodiles, deadly like snakes, and destructive like dragons. To join the Reptilia Clan is to overcome your body's limits and fears to truly be one with nature.


I am your leader, Xack. Rayquaza represents the clan for its stealthy like moves, strong and powerful like attacks, and for being the king of the reptiles.

Serebii Username: Xack
PO Username: Xack ACE ATTORNEY
RP: 0 points


Dragonite is a great mascot for a coleader. It symbolizes air, where you can fly or roam free where you wish. Dragonite is a fast, stealthy and powerful pokemon, which symbolizes our clan. You must not ask to be a coleader or you will never get the job.

-Serebii Username: pkmnfn
PO Username: N/A
*Pokemon game* FC: 1592-6279-0076
RP: 69



Being this high in the clan's social pyramid is an honor. Your strong experience in any field has finally paid off, and you are seen as a heroic warrior. Salamence represents the warrior's highest peak.


Being compared to the fearless Feraligatr is a great achievement. His powerful attacks and sharp teeth make him an worthy foe to others.


Being like Aerodactyl means you are quickly rising through the social pyramid. You have worked a lot to reach this point. You are quickly rising to the top at the speed of an Aerodactyl.


Steelix's incredible defensive symbolizes that you are working hard to achieve greatness and won't let anything get through you.


Squirtle's loyalness and cuteness means that you are starting to get noticed and your loyalness will get you far in the clan.

Serebii Username: DarkCharizard2
PO Username: none
FC: White: 0561-6254-3911
RP: 62

Turtwig is a great symbol for the growing warrior. Although small, Turtwig possesses the power of evolution, meaning it has great potential.

Serebii Username:SoulDialga
PO Username: Still don't have one
SoulSilver FC: Nedds updates
RP: 80

Serebii Username: heiiumzz
PO Username: ~ Nil
*Pokemon game* FC: 5243 2783 1934
RP: 80

Serebii Username: Supereffectivesplash
PO Username:charkol739
*Pokemon game* FC:N/A
RP: 60

Serebii Username: Neji-and-pidgeot
PO Username: none
RP: 52

Serebii Username: DarektheDark
PO Username: none
FC: Black 2881-3138-1711
RP: 52



Ekans means you new and don't know much about the clan, but they work hard to please their leaders.

Serebii Username: The Hydreigon Trainer
PO Username: (DL)Torchicz
*Pokemon game* FC: 0175-3707-7421
RP: 2
_Serebii Username: EpicSquirtle
PO Username:
White FC: 4728-0855-1950
RP: 2_________________


Clan opens 10/23/2011


~Beat Leader on your first try: 10 RP
~EV Train 6 Pokemon of any member of the division: 15 RP
~Beat Co-Leader: 5 RP
~Beat a stander OU team with UU pokemon: 10
~Get to the highest rank: 20
More Challenges Will Be Added Later.

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Welcome to the loyal Canis Clan. Our people are one with each other, and we believe that teamwork is the best approach to any situation. We are loyal like dogs to their masters, and our finest warriors think with one mind like a pack of wolves. We are strong like a coyote's bite, and smart like the fox. Joining the Canis Clan is to master the art of teamwork and partnership, both in politics and in battle.


I am your leader, Khybon. I am the Fiercest of the Fierce, I am the Alpha Dog, Behave and Do what you told and well get along just fine
Serebii Username: Khybon
PO Username: Khybon
RP: 0 points


Suicune symbolizes the coleader because They need to be cool and collected like the soothing waves themselves. They keep a cool head in the face of battle and don't let anyone tell them otherwise

PO NameL N/A


You Truely Are a Legendary Warrior. Congrats For Reaching the Top of the Animal Kingdom and Proving your Superiority

Username: Pambi
PO Name-RoB Pambi


Most People would be hindered by such a large mass but no, You are one the Quickest Canines in Existence and nothing can put you down


Your on your way to the Top Young Canis, You Burn the Opposition to a burning Crisp without hesitation



You are one of the strongest animals in the Canis Divison, Pummel them with your Fierce Strength



You are gathering fame for yourself and making your leader proud. Use the Power of aura to decimate your foes



You are just getting your adult teeth and showing people that you are not one to be messed with. Continue the Hard work my young Canis



You are a newborn canine, Canis Vulpus, You will work your way to the top and prove that you are worthy in due time but for now just take your time learning the rules of the canis divison.

PO Name=Mystari
In My White Tee


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Rock Ultimate
good luck, have fun


Good luck :D
And i love how imp spams "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"


Bad at Pokemon
Serebii Username: TrainerChris
PO Username: [RoB]TrainerChris
*Pokemon game* FC:
Rate yourself as a battler out of 10: 6
How can you contribute to the clan: Leading
Additional comments: Hope it goes great!


Well-Known Member
Serebii Username: BossTrainer
PO Username: :c
*Pokemon game* FC: Uh, i lost my ds but when i find it i shall update. ;D
Rate yourself as a battler out of 10: -2 ((;
How can you contribute to the clan: Being a member..
Additional comments: Woo woo


Gaijin Shogun
Serebii Username: Extroph
PO Username: [RoB]Extroph
*Pokemon game* FC: N/A
Rate yourself as a battler out of 10: 6.1 :B
How can you contribute to the clan: Leading, Art, Fanfics
Additional comments: Hope this clan gets a smooth start :D


Rub My Belly?
Serebii Username: Khybon
PO Username: Khybon
*Pokemon game* FC: N/A
Rate yourself as a battler out of 10: 8
How can you contribute to the clan: Co-Leading Canis and War Team
Additional comments: Hope this clan gets a smooth start


Serebii Username: BossTrainer lol jk, MufinskullzFTW
PO Username: N/A
Black FC: 1463-5531-0777
rate yourself as a battler: 7
How can you contribute to the clan: I'll let Pambi explain....
Additional comments: about gawddamn time D:<


Emperor of Imperium
Accepted Guys :D Wow, we're a fast growing clan!! :D


Serebii Username: pambihirang_nilalang
PO Username: [RoB]Pambi
White FC: 1893 4248 8521
Rate yourself as a battler out of 10: average... 5
How can you contribute to the clan: PM'ed Ex and V
Additional comments: we collect friends not enemies :p
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