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夢の影の夢の店(yumenokage's shop of dreams)夢の影の夢の店

Discussion in '6th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by yumenokage, Sep 3, 2016.

  1. yumenokage

    yumenokage faerie dragon ghost



    9/6 Open for business! The format is still a bit messy, so please bear with me while I work on making it a bit neater!
    9/7 Counted/catalogued my boxes of vulpixes for offer. Will work on cataloging the specifics and numbers of other species I have a lot of when I have time.
    9/13 Finished my munchlax breeding project, and moved basic info on extras to "currently offering" section. Switched relative order of trapinch and scatterbug breeding.
    9/20 Added note at end of shop introduction about how nicknaming works on Japanese-language files and what happens when an unnicknamed foreign-language pokemon is traded and evolved.
    9/23 Added a section to keep track of ongoing trades and their statuses. I also have a few extra 5iv solosis left over from a request to add when I have time, hopefully tomorrow.

    Table of Contents

    1. A Little About this Shop (and it's name)
    2. Rules and Procedures
    3. Currently Offering
    4. Currently Looking For
    5. Current Breeding Projects
    6. Planned Future Breeding Projects
    7. Services
    8. Miscellaneous
    9. In-Process/Negotiation Trades

    1. A Little About this Shop (and it's name) and Me

    Nice to meet you. I’m yumenokage (literally “shadow of a dream” or “dream shadow” in Japanese), and this is my little shop called “yumenokagenoyumenomise,” or yumenokage’s shop of dreams”. Please accept my regards!

    I’m a college student majoring in Japanese and linguistics. Because I like japanese, I’m currently playing my pokemon game in it.

    But enough Japanese for now. Previously, I’ve had my little “shop” essentially as part of my signature, but, while still relatively small, it’s becoming too big to keep there. So, I’m opening an official one!

    While this trade shop may not be as big as some of the others, I can guarantee that none of the pokemon I’m offering from my own breeding are cloned, let alone hacked. (I’m not really planning on trading things that I’ve been traded, but on the off-chance that I do, I’ll be sure to mark them as not originating from me and as such not being guaranteed as a non-clone.)

    I don’t RNG either, though I don’t mind RNGers myself for specific things like dittos for breeding, since from what I know RNGing takes a decent amount of work, since the advent of being able to use the destiny knot to have 5IVs pass on while breeding breeding a 5 or even 6 iv pokemon is no longer next to impossible, and there are certain things like egg moves that can’t be RNGed anyways so breeders are still necessary.

    This shop is mainly designed as a convenient place to be able to put everything I’m offering for trade that has resulted from my own breeding projects, but I may also take on breeding projects on request on occasion and every once in a while provide other services if you have something I want enough.

    Because I’m playing in Japanese, if you’re looking to breed for shinies using the Masuda Method, I can help you out in getting an other-language pokemon with the IVs you need.
    Also, as a side note, unless otherwise stated all pokemon I’m offering are Japanese-language origin.
    If a pokemon is from my Japanese game, please also note that I cannot nickname it something longer than six characters, and any English letters will look a bit different (bigger overall and wider/more spaced-out). However, also note that a multi-stage pokemon with its generic Japanese species name will, upon evolution, have its name changed to the generic species name of its evolved form in the language of the language file it is being evolved on. Ie. if I traded you one of my un-nicknamed Japanese vulpixes it would start out as "ロコン" but would change to "Ninetails" upon evolution on an English language file.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2016
  2. yumenokage

    yumenokage faerie dragon ghost

    2. Rules and Procedures

    1. All standard serebii forum rules and rules specific to this section of the forums apply! Read them and love them!

    2. No hacks! This is in the serebii forum rules, but bears repeating. None will be taken or offered. If I discover something you traded me is hacked, I will request a trade back and report you to forum moderators. (Even if you are cooperative and trade back, I will send in a report--but letting the mods know I think it was accidental and you were cooperative--in case similar reports crop up from other traders.)

    3. No clones! I consider these a form of hacks, and easily available clones devalue the work done by conventional breeders. RNG is fine, though. I do not RNG myself, though, nor do I even know how to, so do not ask for RNG'ed pokemon.[/CENTER]

    4. No cloning pokemon I trade you! See #3.

    5. You must be okay with me breeding whatever you trade me. I generally won't retrade standard pokemon traded to me (though I reserve the right to do so), but it is decently likely that I will at some point breed them for further customization, trade, etc, and trade away any extras. Of course, this goes both ways in not complaining if you breed something for future trade that I traded you, as long as no cloning is involved.

    6. I reserve the right to refuse any breeding, trade, or service request, and to set my own timelines for completing requests. I am a full-time college student and my time is therefore limited, especially at certain parts of the school year. Some requests (such as those involving incense) are more difficult than others, and such will be taken into account when evaluating what requests to accept and what I ask for in return.

    7. I do not take shiny breeding requests, but welcome equivalent pokemon trades for Masuda method users, provided I am regularly offering the pokemon you are seeking, am highly interested in breeding the pokemon you are seeking, or you are offering an additional pokemon in exchange for what you are seeking.

    8. I currently only have a copy of Pokemon X. As such, I cannot trade anything not obtainable on X through breeding, and any requests for apricorn bank ball pokemon or egg moves that can only be learned from imported pokemon must offer something that I would want considerably in exchange, such as something I specifically request in my "currently looking for" section, a shiny, or a legendary (particularly an event legendary). Also, since my current file on X is in Japanese, I can only breed Japanese language pokemon, at least until I set up a file on Sun or Moon when it comes out. All pokemon are Japanese language unless otherwise marked, but should revert to English species' name upon evolution. I can nickname in English, however.

    9. This is primarily a shop where I trade excess pokemon from my own breeding projects. I do take requests if I am interested in what you are offering or the pokemon you want me to breed, but this is more of a secondary than a primary function of this shop. Additionally, while I may offer other services on occasion such as EV training, this is even more situational, a sort of tertiary function of this shop for the main purpose of balancing out a trade lopsided from you offering highly valuable pokemon. I will, however, be willing to try and find a time to do evolution trading with you once for an evolutionary line if you have acquired a pokemon from me from that evolutionary line that requires trading for evolution, although you must provide any evolution items not part of the original trade. If part of the trade, I will attach that item to the pokemon when I initially trade it to you as a level 1 (unless leveling services have been worked out) pokemon.

    Return/Error Policy
    All trades are final unless there has been an error on either side.
    1. Error on My Part
    I do my best to mark things correctly, but I am human and there is a chance I may make a mistake occassionally (ie. mis-mark a 4iv pokemon as 5iv). If I have traded you something not as described, then I will check my stock and if I have something I've bred with the same characteristics as I was supposed to trade you, I will trade you that in exchange for the misidentified pokemon. If I do not have something with the same characteristics I identified the pokemon I traded you as having, I will either breed the pokemon I promised you or, if you do not want to wait or what I traded you cannot easily be re-bred (ie. a shiny), trade you back the pokemon you traded me, and, if I have changed the pokemon in any way (ie. levels from breeding), allow you to pick something else within my shop within reason to do a fodder trade with as well.

    2. Error on Your Part
    I understand you are human and as such may make mistakes. If you trade me a pokemon that was not as described, I will ask that you trade me what was promised in return for the mistaken one. If you do not have it, but it came from a breeding project for which you could easily enough breed it, I will ask that you do so. If you do not have it and it is something that can not be easily reproduced, I will ask that you trade me what I traded you back or settle with me in some other way, and file a report with moderators listing the incident and what you did to resolve it, just in case similar reports come up from other players which could be indicative of purposeful deception (even if the original pokemon was traded back, the trade could have been initiated in the first place for the purpose of cloning, which I would have no way of knowing).
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2016
  3. yumenokage

    yumenokage faerie dragon ghost

    3. Currently Offering


    {all are 5iv, lvl 1, non-nicknamed, timid, dream ball, and all but some of the 6-ivs have egg moves hypnosis, power swap, grudge, heat wave}

    {competitive 5iv}

    x47 [-attack HA female]
    x18 [-attack HA male]
    x27 [-attack non-HA female]
    x15 [-attack non-HA male]

    {other 5iv}

    x8 [- special attack HA female]
    x2 [- special attack HA male]
    x3 [- special attack non-HA female]
    x2 [- special attack non-HA male]
    x1 [- speed HA male]
    x4 [- speed non-HA female]


    x2 HA females w/ egg move hypnosis & level-up egg moves hex, fire spin, grudge
    x2 non-HA females w/ egg moves hypnosis, power swap, grudge, heat wave
    x3 HA females w/ egg moves hypnosis, power swap, grudge, heat wave
    x2 non-HA males w/ egg moves hypnosis, power swap, grudge, heat wave


    various 4 and 5iv spreads, adamant nature, HA and non-HA, male and female (no female HA 5iv – special attack); egg moves extreme speed, dragon dance, aqua jet, dragon pulse

    also one modest 4iv –attack –special attack non-HA male with same egg moves as above


    heavy ball and egg moves self-destruct, curse, pursuit, and counter
    various 5iv spreads and natures
    males and females

    eevee (english and japanese)[/B]

    various 5 iv male spreads, HA or no HA, random assortment of natures. I have a few females, but their IVs are lower.

    Japanese (5iv males, some 3-5iv females (6ivs on duskball); egg moves, will add details later):

    ultra ball

    dive ball

    dusk ball (have some extra male 6ivs here)

    honedge (english and japanese)

    various 5iv spreads, most are careful, but a few have random natures. Most are english.

    larvitar (english only)

    various 5iv spreads, adamant

    togepi (english only)

    various 5iv spreads, random assortment of natures, males and females

    pumpkaboo (english only; all in dusk balls; super-sized)
    one 5iv-speed naive male, lvl 25 (old breeder)
    one 5iv-speed gentle female
    one 5iv-attack timid male
    one 5iv – special attack hasty male
    one 5iv-speed brave male
    two 5iv-speed quirky male

    one level 25 (old breeder stock) 5iv – special defense naive male

    inkay (english only)
    one english5iv –special attack relaxed male
    one english 5iv –special attack lax male
    one english lvl. 20 (old breeding stock) 4iv –special attack –speed lonely female

    kanghaskan (english only)

    various 5iv spreads, random assortment of natures

    scatterbug (all ocean pattern, quick ball, timid)

    ~30x 5iv-attack

    ~30x 5iv-other

    ~30x pre-evolved to vivillon, 5iv-other

    vivillon patterns (various languages; ask if you want details)

    all except monsoon, river, tundra, sun, jungle, and events; IVs are random


    berries other than those in the currently looking for section, regularly buyable items, items purchasable with battle points
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2016
  4. yumenokage

    yumenokage faerie dragon ghost

    4. Currently Looking For

    competitively bred pokemon (not much currently in mind, make offers of whatever you have that you think I may be interested in)

    31/31/31/x/31/0 ferroseed with either sassy or relaxed nature and egg moves spikes, leech seed, and stealth rock

    competitively bred charmander

    competitively bred bagon, klefki, chansey, snorunt

    6iv male scatterbug from a language other than english. will soon be able to trade 6iv japanese one in exchange.

    other competitively bred butterfly and moth lines; bat lines {lower priority}

    pokemon I don't have (and am not already scheduled to receive soon):

    manaphy, shaymin, meloetta, genesect, volcanion (I don't have any event legends to trade in return, but I have a few extra non-event legends if you're missing one, and I'm willing to take on very difficult or multiple breeding quests for these)


    mega stones, particularly those exclusive to Y, blazikenite, diancite, latiosite, and latiasite

    berries: wiki, razz, bluk, nanab, wepear, pinap, cornn, magost, rabuta, nomel, spelon, pamtre, watmel, durin, belue, colbur, lansat, starf

    someone to tutor stealth rock onto my tyranitar
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2016
  5. yumenokage

    yumenokage faerie dragon ghost

    5. Current Breeding Projects

    1. eevee: one for each eeveelution, and another for permanantly unevolved. will post details as I finish each, as there are alot and some are undetermined as of yet.
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2016
  6. yumenokage

    yumenokage faerie dragon ghost

    6. Planned Future Breeding Projects

    trapinch, probably with level-up egg moves only obtainable on evolutionary forms other than flygon, probably in nest ball, IVs, nature not yet decided

    growlithe: physical and special varieties, egg moves from among these: close combat, morning sun, fire spin, heat wave, crunch, howl, iron tail




    ferrothorn if I don't hear back about one I was supposed to trade for
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2016
  7. yumenokage

    yumenokage faerie dragon ghost

    7. Services

    As stated before, I don’t offer services on a regular basis, but I may on occasion offer such things as EV training, leveling, pokerus, help trade evolving, and items. These are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2016
  8. yumenokage

    yumenokage faerie dragon ghost

    8. Miscellaneous

    {currently N/A}
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2016
  9. yumenokage

    yumenokage faerie dragon ghost

    9. In-Process/Negotiation Trades

    --waiting on adding friend code

    --larvitar, buizel, skarmory, shelmet for charmander and snorunt
    --waiting on adding friend code

    --waiting to hear back after my response to initial request

    --iv-bred pokemon for Arceus code
    --code received, waiting for trade time to compensate; have not heard back for weeks

    --vulpix for ferrothorn and eevee for absol
    --ready for pickup; have not heard back for weeks
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2016
  10. yumenokage

    yumenokage faerie dragon ghost

    [reserved for future sections]
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2016
  11. yumenokage

    yumenokage faerie dragon ghost

    [reserved for future sections]
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2016
  12. yumenokage

    yumenokage faerie dragon ghost

    [reserved for future sections]
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2016
  13. LFT

    LFT New Member

    Hey I saw that you offer Masuda method material pokemon so I have some stuff to offer if you want but I will need the following pokemon

    Buizel male jolly nature any ball from the Japanese game flawless

    Impish male Skamory flawless from the japanese game

    Larvitar jolly male flawless from the japanese game

    I can get you a charmander because I am breeding for a shiny at the moment, and it is in a premier ball and it is a female if you want I can breed you one

    I have dream ball flawless elekid with eggmoves

    And I have a luxury ball pawniard female with egg moves if you are interested
  14. Scherzando

    Scherzando scare-TZAN-doe

    I'm interested in your lax female pumpkaboo. I think the only thing I have to offer is a 5iv(-sp atk) female Heavy Ball Onix, careful-natured with EM Heavy Slam.

    EDIT: trade done, thanks!
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2016
  15. yumenokage

    yumenokage faerie dragon ghost

    waiting on friend code and time setups; larvitar is ready.


    General Announcement
    I've added a new section to help keep track of ongoing trades. (when some stretch out over weeks due to communication issues or one or the other of us being busy, it quickly gets to a lot of trades going on at once. If you haven't heard from me in a while without knowing why, but show up here, know that there's likely been some kind of communication problem and pm me!) I'll try and keep this section up to date.
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2016
  16. Lord Fighting

    Lord Fighting Bank Ball Collector

    Hi, Zeki sent me :)

    I would like to trade for one of these please:

    6IV HA female Vulipx in a dream ball w/ egg move hypnosis & level-up egg moves hex, fire spin, grudge.

    I can offer items, berries, dream/apricorn balls, shinies, IV mons and more. Let me know what you're looking for and I'll probably be able to get it.

    Thanks :)
  17. yumenokage

    yumenokage faerie dragon ghost

    yeah, np. But first, I haven't had the time yet to look through all of your offerings (and I have to get back to schoolwork now), but I have some questions. You seem to be offering a lot of shinies, which leads me to ask, do you clone? If so, which of your pokemon are cloned, and are you planning on cloning what I trade you? I have a general policy of not dealing in clones (although some of your events/shinies are tempting...) for various reasons, but depending on what you intend to do with the vulpix and whatnot we may be able to strike a deal still even if you do clone in general. Also, isn't it the case that mew can't be shiny except from the Old Sea Map event for the Japanese Emerald game (I've also heard rumors that Hayley's mew can, but that seems to be under debate)? Which would mean the shiny mew you have on your spreadsheet, the FAL2010 one, is hacked?... I understand that it's hard to keep track of everything you receive from trades and what may / may not be legitimate, but it does make me a little nervous...
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2016
  18. Lord Fighting

    Lord Fighting Bank Ball Collector

    I don't clone myself but I get people to clone my stuff for me so yes everything is and always will be cloned for any events or shinies that I offer. As I'm not the original owner on 90% of my shinies and events they were cloned when they were traded to me anyway. Nobody ever trades their sole copy away these days. Anything I trade you would be cloned yes.

    Well I'm collecting dream/apricorm ball pokemon and vulpix is one of the last few mons I need to complete my dream ball collection. (Only missing about 5 out of 240 ish pokemon).
    So I came here originally just for any female HA dream vulpix but since you had breedjects already I can train it for competitive battles whilst also filling my collection :)
    Generally you trade apricorn balls for apricorn balls so there would be no cloning needed in that instance.

    I'm not entirely sure about the mew in all honesty but I'll look into it. I never purposely offer illegal pokemon and most of my trades come from sources I trust but my speciality isn't in events. I just drew up a list of ones I had. Bank ball collecting is my speciality.

    I wasn't really expecting to trade events for a simple vulpix but I'm open to offers and I always try to be as honest as possible with the details of my pokemon.

    I hope we can still work out a trade :)
  19. yumenokage

    yumenokage faerie dragon ghost

    ok; yeah, that's fine. And no, I wasn't expecting an event in return. You were pretty open-ended in your request and so what with the huge variety of stuff that generally doesn't get offered unless cloned I was trying to ascertain the situation.

    Can you explain what the green and yellow coloring on your bankball page means? I can't find a key anywhere.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2016
  20. Lord Fighting

    Lord Fighting Bank Ball Collector

    Green = I have that pokemon right now
    Yellow = pending trade with someone and don't have it yet but will have it very soon
    White = Don't have that pokemon

    Hope that clarifys it! Basically only choose from the ones highlighted in green. My list needs updating as well so will do that very soon. :)

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