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武 ~Brock Fan Club~

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Yonowaru in Chaos

gaspard de la nuit


English: Brock
Italian: Brock
Spanish: Brock
French: Pierre
German: Rocko
Japanese: タケシ / 武 [Takeshi]
Korean: 웅 [Ung]
Chinese: 小剛 [Xiǎo Gàng]


Where fans of Brock congregate and celebrate his invaluable service to the history of the Pokémon anime, as well as the games and manga. We welcome fans of all shapes and sizes, so long as you are an avid fan of Brock.


1. Follow all rules on SPPf.

2. Follow all rules in the Club Rules section.

3. Do not spam or flame other members here. Respect each other as you would respect Brock.

4. Please refrain from posting one-liners. Don't post if you only have a little comment to make.

5. If you join, please post regularly. Your membership may be canceled if you don't. If you naturally don't come here on SPPf often, I'll be lenient about it.

6. To join, just include a Lombre smilie in your first post (subject to change). Also a little confessions as to why you like Brock would be just fine :]

7. Anyone is free to make new topics. But don't make a new topic so soon from the last.

8. If you are given a warning for breaking a rule, please don't complain here. Either take it to PM or, better yet, don't complain at all.

8. a) Don't post while you're banned.​

8. b) If you have a question regarding the rules, or anything club-related, likewise, put it in a PM.​

9. No mini-mini-modding. Unless you've been appointed by me to be able to do so, don't give out a warning on our behalf.

10. Don't complain about the first post being Courier New >.>

11. Read the above rules. You don't have to read the last one.

12. Have fun :]

Members List

Leader: Yonowaru in Chaos

Co-Leader: Mr. Joker

Normal Members
Drake #505

Banned Members


When you break a rule, you get a little warning in the shape of a Croagunk ;453; next to your name on the members list. Three of them and consider yourself jabbed for a week. Six of them, jabbed for a month. Accumulate nine of them, and you're permanently banned. If you somehow manage to get ten or more of them, well...I'll consider reporting it to a mod if I haven't done so already.

Also, you won't earn a Croagunk if you break a rule trying to join.


If anyone has a good picture of Brock that is of a considerable size (i.e. larger than the Serebii episode pic sizes), please recommend it to me. I'm in an urge to replace the current splash image.

Topic History

None yet, until we get a bit of a discussing number.

Fan Stuff

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Mr. Joker

keep calm & carry on
;074; Hello I would like to join your fan club for the coolest of all trainers, Brock! Brock has always been one of my favriote trainers ever sence Johto. To tell you the truth I couldn't stand him in Kanto. In Johto something changed about him. Anyway I have never been disapointed of any of Brocks choices. I love how he is always going after girls (Like me) and always treats pokemon with all respect.

Also may I please be a Co-owner?

Yonowaru in Chaos

gaspard de la nuit
Yes yes yes, why of course you may join. I'll put you as co-owner for now.

Speaking of which, I should probably make an equivalent of a joining post as well.

;074; The first time I saw the anime, I was already addicted to Misty and Brock, but more so Brock, because I loved Rock-type and Ground-type (or actually, I was too young to comprehend the diea of a Ground-type >.>'') Pokemon, especially his Onix. Too bad Onix was so underused (yes I was already quite unfond of Pikachu back then).

Regardless, Brock's debut episode I consider to be one of my favourite episodes, probably because of the fact that it was a Kanto episode (because the majority of my favourite episodes came from that period), or the fact that Brock was more serious than comical in that episode.

As of Sinnoh, I have a feeling that they're just keeping him there for the sake of fan service. I still like him, but in comparison to Kanto...he's gotten pretty bland. Still, it's nice to see them actually changing his Romeo gag once in a while (though it seriously is getting pretty old...).

So yeah.

Keep the members coming!


Listenin' t'Dragons!
Ah, Yonowaru, how've you been? Made a nice club here, I spy. Well, the main thing I like about Brock is the fact that he's the original black filipeno saiyan egyptian non-asian dude in anime in the 90s. Not to mention the fact that he's easy on the eyes, and a very mature kind of guy, all in one package.

So, may I join, or no? ;074;

Yonowaru in Chaos

gaspard de la nuit
You certainly may, Mr. Kimba.

I was a bit confused at how there could possibly be no Brock club (at least, there hasn't been for a while), when we had May, Misty, Ash, TR clubs.

So yeah...I guess we can have a topic to start things off.

Of all girls that returned their affection to Brock, who do you think goes best with Brock?

I haven't seen many, but I think he'd go pretty well with Lucy (her being somewhat Asian as well). I really can't think of a reason, but they look reasonably alright together. Not to mention that Brock'd probably fit pretty well in her squinty eyes collection hehe.


Listenin' t'Dragons!
I do find it a bit strange how Brock seems to be "neglected" in the fandom, since he's an overall cool dude, and been in the show for quite the long amount of time... Maybe there was a previous club and it got closed? Perhaps Brock was a little on the "meh" side on SPPf? Who knows...

Of all girls that returned their affection to Brock, who do you think goes best with Brock?

As the mature he is, he did teach Autumn how to be a real trainer in that filler ep, so they could work out as a small Teacher-student pair.

In terms of a relationship thing, Holly was a pretty cool girl Brock met up with in the Tag Battle arc, and if she ever re-appeared, I'm sure Brock and Holly would have a grand time together.

Yonowaru in Chaos

gaspard de la nuit
Oh yeah...I forgot about Holly.

She was a bit more open about it than Lucy I suppose, and probably a bit more close in terms of friendship. I hope she does reappear some time later. Conway reappeared, so it might be fair to say that Holly would make another appearance.

Unless they give Brock another pairing >.>

Drake #505

Breeder Brock!
Oh how I love watching Brock in the anime! Albeit they might be a bit redundant, his pick-up lines and womanizer scenes are always fun for me to watch. Brock is also the big brother of the group, which is what I like. He's the mature one, the person who can give advice, help the group get to a certain place, and take care of all the Pokemon. He's always been my favorite character in the anime, and only do I wish that a trainer sprite of Brock could be chosen in-game. ^_^;

It also surprises me that there hasn't been a Brock fan club, unless one was deleted. It's very strange that one of the very main characters has had no organized following around here.

[By the way, your inclusion of Croagunk for the rule-breakings/infractions is quite ingenious. xD Very creative.]

Yonowaru in Chaos

gaspard de la nuit
Strangely enough, I never really looked forward to watching Brock in the anime, but when he does something good, it's guuuud xD

I guess it also has to do with the surprise factor. If that is the case, then perhaps Brock's little role in the anime is a good thing of sorts.

The last Brock club was dates back to 2005 >______>

Hehe, there's no Max or Misty smilie, so I had to compromise :)
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