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#001 Bulbasaur / #002 Ivysaur / #003 Venusaur

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#001 Bulbasaur#002 Ivysaur#003 Venusaur


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I'm offering these legit DW (Chlorophyll) Bulbasaur:

Timid/Modest/Bold IV: 31/30/31/30/31/30 HP Fire 70 - Special thanks to Bond679 (Smogon) for helping me RNG this.
Naive IV: x/30/13/29/29/29

Proof of its legitness for now. I'll edit with more solid proof later when I managed to ask my friend to take a photo of her magazine page where the campaign password is for me (I got the code from my friend...since she doesn't have Japanese BW to get the starter with, so she gave it to me <3 ).

Looking for other DW starters and Eeveelution with solid enough proof that you really get it legitly. I do not want any in-game shot or anything like that!

PM with your offer.
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will you trade me one ? :D

Yes, but only if you can offer me back DW starters/Eeveelution with some kind of proof that you obtained them legitly. -_-"


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Could someone please trade a Bulbasaur with me? It doesnt matter what kinda bulbasaur ^^ send me a message please


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I am just looking for a bulbasaur doesnt have to be special or shiny. I just got black today and i dont have anything really to bargain with except my starter Snivy currently lvl 15 and victiny maybe unless there is something i can hunt up for you im at the third gym so far if anyone could hook me up i would very much appreciate it.

Name: Gogeta
Black FC: 1420 6035 9110


hey guys.

im currently looking for a bulbasuar.

i can in exchange give you any of the Black/White starters or a zorua.

cheers peeps


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I'm really trying to find a regular bulbasaur, nothing special, he's the only one i'm missing from the kanto starters, I just started playing the game yesterday. I can hunt down anything from the starting areas to trade for it, I also have a Hoothoot, Jigglypuff, and Tepig, although I would prefer to keep Tepig I suppose I would trade him for a bulbasaur.


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just got a male and female bulbasaur, so i can offer eggs. ;001;
would be interested in any other starter and can only transfer in the night
let me know


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Sorry, not taking further requests until I fill my current ones.
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I'll Take A Bulbasaur :)
Im looking for a Bulbasaur on my Black version. I would really appreciate it if you could pm me if you've got one to spare ;) Ill willing to trade you pretty much anything, lol.


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hey guys, i have a bulbasaur from HG (think its when you defeat red)
looking for a snivy, Pm me if interested
also have charmander and squirtle :)
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