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#001 Bulbasaur / #002 Ivysaur / #003 Venusaur

Discussion in 'Kanto Families' started by SerebiiBot, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. Imrhien

    Imrhien Eater of Leftovers

    See my sig! I have all starters. Pokemon I want in return are also in my sig :)
  2. TrainerLandon0504

    TrainerLandon0504 Grass PKMN Trainer

    I don't believe I have any of the pokemon you are looking for (except paras), but I do have stones for trade, for a bulbasaur in return.
  3. Neji-and-Pidgeot

    Neji-and-Pidgeot Well-Known Member

    I can breed all kanto starters pm me good offers only.
  4. yoda5000

    yoda5000 New Member

    Hi I have a dreamworld venusaur in a dream ball. Please pm me with offers:)
  5. kano6913

    kano6913 New Member

    In need of a bulbasaur quick, maybe just to borrow to breed maybe
    But I have some snivys spare if that will work, need asap please :)
  6. BosmerThief

    BosmerThief New Member

    Female Dream World Bulbasaur

    hey, I need a female dream world bulbasaur to borrow or if u have a spare one to have? Just need to breed it. I have many bred pokemon to offer, all lvl 1..modest/mischievous Porygon-Zs, jolly/alert to sounds sandiles, lvl 1 jolly/alert to sounds scrafty, timid/alert to sounds braviary, drilburs, snorlaxes, and many more bred pokemon. Please just need a dw bulbasaur for my sunny day team.. :/
  7. Bunface

    Bunface Jewel Runner

    Looking for a Calm or Modest level 1 Bulbasaur. IV's and gender DO NOT MATTER. PM me.
  8. chase21

    chase21 New Member

    looking for a lvl 1 bulbasaur.
  9. andrew112

    andrew112 New Member

    looking for bulbasaur iv an gender doesnt matter pm
  10. PokaPoka

    PokaPoka ⚜Pokémon Sommelier⚜

    I've got alot of level 1 bulbasaurs
    PM me if you need one
  11. Chrysaries

    Chrysaries Former shiny trader

    Trade me a shiny DW bulbasaur and you can get anything in my sig!
  12. greatyama

    greatyama New Member

    looking for one. i have modest horsea with swift swim ability. i have many and i guarantee each has 31 iv for sp. attack. i'll pm you the iv's of the 6 horseas so that you could pick.
  13. shinydragonairgirl

    shinydragonairgirl shiny hunter

    looking for a shiny bulbasaur or ivysaur. i can offer dw female timid drought vulpixs.
  14. CelloCaptain

    CelloCaptain New Member

    Hey, I am looking for a DW bulbasaur. PM what you are looking for and I will see what I can do! :)
  15. xanatos1986

    xanatos1986 New Member

    bulbasaur please

    Hi i dont have much to trade but if someone wants to help me out that is cool. I just want a plan bulbasaur, nothing special sex does not matter or the stats thanks hope i hear from a great trader.
  16. PokaPoka

    PokaPoka ⚜Pokémon Sommelier⚜

    Breeding bulbasaurs at the moment!
    Reserve a table for a bulbasaur now :)
    Breeding about 2/5 box full
  17. AvoKitty

    AvoKitty Banned

    Hi,im looking for a legit egg bulbasaur,will trade with eevee,eeveelutions,starters-snivy,oshawott,tepig,squirtle,chikkorita,or others name your price
  18. gamemaker

    gamemaker The Sole Survivor

    Offering bulbasuar with eggmoves ingrain/amnesia. Looking for other eggmove pokes. PM if interested.
  19. rensos

    rensos New Member

    bulbasuar dw

    hey guys looking for a dw female bulbasaur,ivysaur or venusaur.
    if possilbe i want hp fire 70 base power.
    i can offer allmost any ou pokemon unless the dw ability's.
    ingame name: RENS
  20. DannyRomero

    DannyRomero The Boss!

    i have hatched bulbsaurs :)
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