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#001 Bulbasaur / #002 Ivysaur / #003 Venusaur

Discussion in 'Kanto Families' started by SerebiiBot, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. DannyRomero

    DannyRomero The Boss!

    i have like 15 bulbas i rather give away than release, pm me if u want one
  2. raticate7

    raticate7 Well-Known Member

    im looking for dw starters except trecko i have that i want them from entralink in the dream ball i offer fairly they can be and language but must be lvl 10 in dream ball ut pm me or vm if interested
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2012
  3. theguardianofthemoon

    theguardianofthemoon Pokemon Demigod

    I can breed all starters,
    Egg moves will cost extra, some I might not be able to do.
    I can also do natures (even though they're a pain).
    pm for offers.
    i'll take most any pokemon
  4. FireEmblemAddict

    FireEmblemAddict 運命なんか死人の言い訳だ

    Looking for a DW Bulbasaur. Nature and IVs are not of high concern. I am willing to trade female DW Eevees (Japanese). PM or VM any offers!
  5. volcarious

    volcarious New Member

    I'm trying to get a Bulbasaur, I don't care about gender or nature, I would prefer a newly hatched one, but the level doesn't matter.

    Pokemon I can offer in return: Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Patrat, Lilipup, Purrloin, Munna, Pidove, Audino, Roggenrola, Timburr, Tympola, Sawk, and Ditto.
  6. Squirel Princess

    Squirel Princess Goldenrod City

    I want a Flawless Bulbasaur
    Check my shop :)
  7. DragonXmicro

    DragonXmicro 何これ?かえったね。

    Lookin for dw bulba. Pm for wut u want
  8. PumpkinSwirl

    PumpkinSwirl Member

    I have some freshly hatched Bulbasaurs if anyone is needing one. They were hatched with

    Leaf Storm
    Skull Bash
    Petal Dance

    If anyone wants one just pm me, I'm not really looking for anything in particular, so just make an offer.
  9. Larrix

    Larrix New Member

    I can breed all three 1st gen starters. Pm for offers.
  10. PokemonFarmer

    PokemonFarmer ThePokemonFarmer


    F Lv 1 Bulbasaur @ Overgrow - Bashful Nature - OT: Boushwa - Hidden: Steel 56 - IVs 14/24/4/12/31/22 - Moveset: Tackle, Sludge, Growl
    M Lv 1 Bulbasaur @ Overgrow - Sassy Nature - OT: Boushwa - Hidden: Electric 59 - IVs 14/31/14/17/31/6 - Moveset: Tackle, Sludge, Growl
    F Lv 1 Bulbasaur @ Overgrow - Timid Nature - OT: Boushwa - Hidden: Grass 58 - IVs 14/29/30/0/31/3 - Moveset: Tackle, Sludge, Growl

    Battle Ready Pokemon (Properly EV trained & Good Movesets)
    Event Pokemon
    Dream World Pokemon
    Shiny Pokemon
    Legendary Pokemon
    Non-USA Pokemon

    I can also breed a Bulbasaur to your liking. Come check out my shop - http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?p=14144592#post14144592


    The Pokemon Farmer
  11. Quibibble

    Quibibble Pokemon Breeder

    I can breed every starter from every generation and I have much more to offer. Please pm me if you are interested.
  12. Archmortal

    Archmortal New Member

    Looking for a Bulbasaur, and nearly all other starter pokemon. Can offer most of the fifth generation, along with smatterings of other gens including Feebas.
  13. Lightning Dragon

    Lightning Dragon LIGHTNING FLIGHT!!!!

    I could offer my event Celebi in my pearl version for a shiny Bulbasaur:) Pm me then i can automatically transfer it to my Black version!
  14. raticate7

    raticate7 Well-Known Member

    I have a dw event korean ut bulbasaur. I look at all offers.
    Pm me offers
  15. ILoveHaters

    ILoveHaters New Member

    Looking for bulbasuar Can Anyone hook me up?:)
  16. Sweetener

    Sweetener New Member

    Bulbasaur wanted

    Got it! I can now breed one for you if you can give me something I need. :)
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2012
  17. Ariel89

    Ariel89 Sand Team Master


    Just a quick edit.

    I am looking for a DW Bulbasaur (Chlorophyll) to add to my Sun Team.

    I have a range to offer in return, so please PM me for more details.

    Thanks :)
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2012
  18. EddieVanHalen

    EddieVanHalen Member

    I want to trade my Balbasaur(brave and quiet natures) for your squirlte. PM me
  19. xdGaledarkLugia001

    xdGaledarkLugia001 legendary_hunter

    i want ANY bulbasaur. PM me please. and thanks to anyone who can help.
  20. Blkstar325

    Blkstar325 New Member

    I am looking for a bulbasaur is there anything you are looking for to trade for this? I can offer evee eggs, pichu eggs, all three black and white starter pokemon, chimchar, and turtwig. Please contact me ASAP.
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