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#001 Bulbasaur / #002 Ivysaur / #003 Venusaur

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Dragon Enthusiast
Looking for a bulbasaur any nature or gender. Can offer female DW Meditite, male DW Shinx, male DW rhyhorn, zorua or some other breedable pokemon I have.


I have a few Bulbasaurs for trade pm with offers.


Abra Master
im looking for a 5 genaraction bulbasaur i can trade for a reshirem level 90 or for a rampardos level 80 something


New Member
Looking for Bulbasaur any Bulbasaur would be great. If anyone has false swipe Bulbasaur for trade please let me know. PM me for interests.


New Member
looking for dreamworld bulbasaurs with quiet, timid, modest, or rash. have legendaries, gamestop suicune, entei, raikou, win2011 celebi, gamestop and wishmkr jirachis.


Breeding Trainer
offering bulbasaur, nature and ability upon request (except DW). I Want a Marril or Ambipom in return.


Dimensional Traveler
I have a Mild Bulbasaur for trade. I'm looking for a Modest Latios or an Adamant Tornadus and am open to an other offers. PM me for offers.
You're asking for preferred natured, rare once per game Pokemon in exchange for a breedable starter that is usually traded for other breedable starters? Sounds like the GTS all over again.


New Member
hey all i need a shiny bulbasaur to complete my gen 1 starter shiny set have every starter from every gen all third forms and shines pm me if you have a shiny bulbasaur or ivysaur or venasaur whatever :D tty
looking for DW venusaur modest, evd or not doesnt matter, really want this so just ask for something


Pokémon Trader
In need of a DW Bulbasaur (or any evolution).
Modest/Timid, preferably good IVs but will take any.
Any/no EVs, I have berries.

I am in desperate need of this within the next 3 days, so am willing to offer ANY THREE of these (only one flawless though) for said wanted Pokemon.

Can offer the following shinies (No EVs):
Terrakion (Lv42)
Cobalion (Lv42)
Virizion (Lv42)
Rayquaza (Lv50)
Manaphy (Lv1)
Hydreigon (Lv100)
Dragonite (Lv100)
Lopunny (Lv100)
Manetric (Lv100)
Kabutops (Lv100)
Axew (Lv31)
Eevee (Lv1)
Tentacool (Lv24)
Krabby (Lv29)
Snivy (Lv17)
Oshawot (Lv5)
Tepig (Lv5)
Chimchar (Lv6)
Bulbasaur (Lv1)
Zorua (Lv1) (English and Jap)
Riolu (Lv1)
Gyarados (Lv100)
Hitmontop (Lv64)
Vulpix (Lv1)
Seviper (Lv1)
Drowzee (Lv10)
Clamperl (Lv1)
Electrode (Lv46)
Rhyhorn (Lv52)
Absol (Lv60)
Duskull (Lv1)
Doduo (Lv2)
Golett (Lv30)
Minccino (Lv20)
Murkrow (Lv1)
Gastly (Lv4)
Scraggy (Lv1)
Munna (Lv8)
Chatot (Lv1)
Cottonee (Lv1)
Gligar (Lv1)
Elekid (Lv1)
Mienfoo (Lv49)
Marill (Lv21)
Corphish (Lv1)
Metagross (Lv45)
Staryu (Lv1)
Aerodactyl (Lv1)
Krookodile (Lv40)
Litwick (Lv26)
Tranquill (Lv23)
Kricketot (Lv4)
Audino (Lv33)
Bouffalant (Lv35)
Cubone (Lv4)
Butterfree (Lv40)
Duosion (Lv35)
Joltik (Lv28)
Archeops (Lv100)
Chadelure (Lv50)
Grovyle (Lv26)
Skitty (Lv40)
Ditto (Lv25)

-Event11 Zoroark (English) Lv50 UT Quirky
-Event11 Zoroark (Jap) Lv50 UT Quirky
-Movie14 Victini Lv50 UT Gentle
-World08 Lucario Lv30 UT Adamant
-JBHF Manaphy Lv50 UT Lonely
-GAMESTP Shiny Pichu Lv30 UT Jolly
-Ash’s Pikachu (2011 Event) Lv50 UT Naughty
-Gamestp Deoxys Lv50 UT Rash
-Movie11 Shaymin Lv50 UT Relaxed
-Win2011 Celebi Lv50 UT Hardy
-10Aniv Celebi Lv100 No EVs Bold
-GAMESTP Celebi Lv50 Some Experience Points, No EVs Bashful
-CHANNEL Jirachi Lv59 Some Experience Points, No EVs Hasty
-SMR2010 Jirachi Lv5 UT Hasty
-ALAMOS Darkrai Lv50 UT Naughty
-TRU Regigigas Lv100 UT Hasty
-10Aniv Blastoise Lv100 Random EVs (can be removed) Lonely
-10Aniv Ho-oh Lv100 Random EVs (can be removed) Naughty
-10Aniv Lugia Lv100 Random EVs (can be removed) Quirky
-Milos Island Tornadus Lv70 UT Brave
-Milos Island Thundurus Lv70 UT Bold
-TRU Arceus Lv100 UT Except that Shadow Force and Spacial Rend have been exchanged for Shadow Ball and Recover - Hasty
-Movie11 Zekrom Lv100 UT Adamant
-Movie11 Reshiram Lv100 UT Modest
-VGC10 Shiny Eevee Lv50 UT Hardy
-Win2011 Shiny Raikou Lv100 EVed in Speed and Special Attack - Rash
-Win2011 Shiny Suicune Lv30 UT Relaxed
-Mystery Mew Lv10 UT Rash
-PKTOPIA Magmortar Lv50 UT Modest 13/3/28/29/30/0
-PKTOPIA Electivire Lv50 UT Adamant 20

Flawless Shiny EVed with Preferable Natures and Movesets (ask for details):

Please PM/VM with offer ASAP
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New Member
Looking for a Bulbasaur...
I have the following female DW pokemon: NidoranF, Zubat, Dratini, Gible, Murkrow, Gligar, Bagon, Vulpix, Magby, Caterpie and Onix to offer.


Abra Master
got some bulbasaurs looking mainly for the pokemon on my signuture.
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