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#001 Bulbasaur / #002 Ivysaur / #003 Venusaur

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look for modest DW bulbusaur with highest IV's for HP fire. Have flawless shinies, regular shines and several events. PM me and we can work something out :)


Pokemon Vetran
Hey guys just looking for any Bulbasaur. Have Squirtle, Treeko, and Cyndiquil to trade for it. Non shiny, or IV trained.
Hey! I'm looking to complete my list of starters. I have cyndaquils and bulbasaurs so far, and I'm hatching a lot of baby pokemon now, and some eevees. PM me if you can help/are interested!


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Searching for a female DW bulbasaur, no need for anything more, just need it for breeding. Willing to trade legendaries, pokerus, ect.
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I am looking for a Bulbasaur or Ivysaur.

I am playing White 2 Volt (hack on GBATEMP) I can't for my life find an Ivysaur in a hidden groto the hack guide mentions so I am looking to trade for one. What would you like in return my possible trade partner.


In the Shadows
Looking for a Bulbasaur, and I'm playing Pokémon White. Will trade anything from there, aside from legendaries.

PM if interested.

Hayate Ayasaki

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OF: Non-redis Naive Bulbasaur with Iv's as follows 31/30/31/30/31/30 its hidden power is fire70

LF Shiny flawless events/legendaries/OU pokemon I don't have or different natures and hidden powers. I will ignore bad offers. Check out my sig for more


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I am currently after a competitive Chlorophyll Bulbasaur to fit in to my sun team. i am under the impression that female ones do not exist at the moment, but if i am wrong that would be nice. i prefer my grass-types to be females.

ANYWAYS, i have many shinies, IV bred, EV trained pokemon to offer in exchange. The list includes Extremespeed, Multiscale Dratini (male or female), many strong
several chained shinies imported from platinum including Bellsprout, Snover, Weezing, Skarmory, Houndour, Budew, Roserade, and female Snorunt.

I will offer any three of these for a competitive Chlorophyll Bulbasaur. if legitimate females exist i would happily take any female one to breed myself instead.


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LF any bulbasaur, can trade charmanders, squirtles, and tepigs =). Also looking for all the other starters


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Looking for a timid bulbasaur, 31 ivs sp. att and speed, with giga drain and dw ability.
Offer, Jirachi if you want another poke, tell me


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Hi everyone. I'm trying to complete my pokedex and i'm looking for the starter pokemon. Is there anyone who wants to trade a bulbasaur with me? Don't mind what level, nature etc, just filling up the pokedex. I dont have very special pokemon to trade for, just regulars.


could someone trade me a bulbasaur
i have almost every 2nd gen pokémon.

my black2 friend code: 0906 1913 7797
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