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#001 Bulbasaur / #002 Ivysaur / #003 Venusaur

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Please could someone trade me a Bulbasaur. I'm not concerned about the gender, I will give any of these pokemon if you wish to trade with me.

A Charmander,
Or a Squirtle,
Or a Growlithe.

I'm also willing to give any of these for a regular Bulbasaur.

A level 60 Mienshao, (Male)
A level 60 Altaria, (Male)
A level 47 Zebstrika, (Female)
A level 21 Victini.

If you want any of these pokemon I will trade one for a Bulbasaur, not concerened about the gender or if it is shiny.

I can trade you a bulbasaur for the victini if you want. Let me know what type of gender your looking for
I can give you a Bulbasaur. Do you have any shinys or dream world ability pokemon. Or baseically any pokemon in the first 3 generations.


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Im looking for a bulbasaur of any kind.


Looking for a DW bulbasaur. Have some shinies, rare female DW pokes (including Dratini and Eevee), some events, and most legendaries from Third Gen onward. PM me for details.


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I have all Shiny starters
Im looking for:
Event Manaphy( no ranger)
Event Shaymin ( No oaksletter )
All UT and Legit


Dragons are beast
Am looking for a dw modest bulbasaur
Have lots to offer


Sand Team Master

I have both Chlorophyll Bulbasaur and Overgrow Bulbasaur that I'm happy to trade - UT too

I'm looking for females, not DW, of any of the following:

Togetic/Togekiss (Modest)
Torchic/Combusken/Blaziken (Adamant)
Feebas/Milotic (Calm)
Chansey/Blissey (Gentle)
Trapinch/Vibrava/Flygon (Adamant)
Snorunt/Froslass (Modest)

Happy to hear any other offers, but these are the main ones I'm looking for.


I've got bulbasaurs! If you want them just pm me an offer. Just make it worth my time and I'll more than likely accept it.


i've got a bunch of bulbasaur and other 1st gen starters, loocking for caterpie, metapod or butterfree

pm me if interested.


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Looking for a Bulbasaur.

Actually I'm looking for every Gen 1-4 starter.

EDIT: Ok I have Bulbasaur but still need the other starters. PM me things you want. No shinies or legendaries though.
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i have bulbasaurs to offer.

message me for details


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looking for a shiny bulbasaur offering legendaries or shiny listed in sig, pm me!
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