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#004 Charmander / #005 Charmeleon / #006 Charizard

Discussion in 'Kanto Families' started by SerebiiBot, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. Tsuchi

    Tsuchi fun,honorable

    ill trade legends for a charmander with solar power and a timid nature
  2. Vitals

    Vitals Active Member

    Breeding Charmanders with the egg moves Dragon Dance and Outrage. PM for offers.
  3. hade15

    hade15 New Member

    Looking for an Adamant Shiny Charmander and I am offering anything from my sig.

    I will also accept a non-shiny.
  4. djns

    djns New Member

    Looking for ANY charmander, but it's a new game on White so not much to offer from there....my Black has a variety of Pokemon, but only shiny is Watchog
  5. Io-

    Io- Crazy Artist

    I'm looking for any charmander, and can trade any of the B/W starters, monkeys, one of the dozens of non-shiny deinos I'm stuck with or some dreamworld stuffs. PM me to set up a trade if interested.
  6. doseljugo

    doseljugo Member

    Look at my sig people :)
  7. Pepi

    Pepi Oompa Loompa

    Offering male Lv 1 UT Modest shiny Zorua
    Hidden Power: Ice-type, 70 Base Power
    IVs: HP 31, Atk 26, Def 30, SpA 31, SpD 31, Spe 31
    Attacks: Captivate, Extrasensory, Dark Pulse and Protect

    male Lv 1 UT Careful Eevee
    Ability: Adaptability
    Hidden Power: Dark-type, 70 Base Power
    Attacks: Wish, Curse, Yawn and Heal Bell

    Wants any gender low level UT* Modest or Timid shiny Charmander
    Hidden Power*: Fight or Ground, 70 Base Power
    IVs: SpA 31, Spe 31
    Attacks: Dragon Pulse*

    *- if possible

    pm me
  8. SasakiThePikachu

    SasakiThePikachu like pepsi cola

    Does anyone want a female Charmander? She's Adamant with Dragon Dance and Outrage, the by-product of a breeding project when I was hatching for males.

    She's free to a good home, please PM me and I'll hold her for you. I'll be available to trade at the weekend.
  9. pokemaster3394

    pokemaster3394 Active Member

    Last edited: Apr 19, 2012
  10. master91

    master91 shiny hunter

    trading 2 shiny charizards looking for other shinies pm me an offer
  11. Looking for a shiny charmander don't care on the nature. I can offer a shiny klink, shiny magnezone, legendaries, events. would prefer the first two
  12. smiffyjoebob

    smiffyjoebob New Member

    Alrighty, I am new to these forums and am looking to unload a large ammount of charmander, they are all legit, all of them have been bred by me with the attacks growl, dragon dance, outrage, and dragon pulse. I bred these guys in a thus far failed attempt to breed a shiney charizard to round out my competitive team. PM me if you are interested in any of my at last count over 150 charizard. I'm looking for starters from all regions save for the fire types (especially not more charmander) I can be persuaded to trade for other things. supplys will last for a loooong time seeing as how I am still attempting to get that chiney charizard lol.
  13. NeosTwo

    NeosTwo Underground Trainer

    I'm looking for a female charmander with solar power. I don't care if its hacked or not, I'll trade any level 100 pokemon, full ev'd even. I'm also looking for a squirtle and bulbasaur with the dream world ability. Again, legit or not doesnt matter.
  14. James2344

    James2344 Keyblade wielder

    Hey i have plenty of untrained level 1 charmanders with scratch growl and flamethrower supplies last cause im trying to get a shiney 1 to either trade for a mew or to get a black charizard cause they look beasy
  15. Arach

    Arach Pkmn Breeder

    Searching for a lvl 1 charmander i will give a zorua or a pokabu PM me for FC
  16. infernoboy

    infernoboy Intermediate Trainer

    I am looking for a dreamworld charmander. The gender does not matter to me. PM me if you have one
  17. Volcarona12

    Volcarona12 New Member

    i can breed charmanders for anyone who needs it look at sig for what i need
  18. Poké Paul

    Poké Paul New Member

    Looking for any low level charmander and Squirtle , mainly for nostalgia than anything will use for battle but just getting one I'd be a friend for lifefor life, I have stuff like totodile chicorita and new gen starters zoroa eevees and more to offer please help inbox me please

  19. Pepi

    Pepi Oompa Loompa

    Lv 1 UT Modest Charmander with Blaze (Female)
    OT: CY, ID: 38270
    Hidden Power: Dark-type, 70 Base Power
    Attacks: Scratch and Growl
    IVs: 31/19/31/31/31/31

    looking for other shinies
    pm me offers :)

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    • 004.png
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      582 bytes
  20. MRxSATAN

    MRxSATAN demon trainer

    got many charmanders up for a trade can infect them with pokerus pm me if you are interested
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