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#007 Squirtle / #008 Wartortle / #009 Blastoise

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<-- Starving dragon
I have a lvl.55 Legit shiny Blastoise,pm me with offer's.I'm looking for EV trained dragon-type poke'mon,other shiny's and event's.


Pokemon Trainer
Looking for a squirtle, no specifics. I got bulbasaur, charmander, cyndaquil, turtwig, snivy, and oshawatt to trade. Pm with offers.

Lightning Dragon

Looking for a baby shiny squrtle with the move Hydro Pump. It can be Lv 50 or more but cannot be a Blastoise Pm or Vm me (a Vm would be better please) to see what shinies I might or events I might have to offer


Event Collector
Looking for a japanese dw squirtle with proof of legitimacy. like friend board pic or even better pic of the book used for obtaining it with ot's id and name. I can offer the following dw events with proof.
47657 Altaria [Spook] Calm [19-December-2011] Somewhat stubborn
56007 Altaria [Pedro] Relaxed [21-December-2011] Hates to lose Good Offers Only
52811 Korean Dw Lucario Jolly 5-6-2012 ot 앤드류안 Likes To Thrash About
58835 Dw Altaria Adamant 11-20-2011 ot カイル Capable of taking hits HP 108 flawless good offers
58835 DreamWorld Charmader Naive 10-13-2010 ot カイル Sturdy body
58835 Dreamworld Mudkip Brave 12-1-2010 ot カイル Highly persistent
57668 Dream World Espeon Sassy 7-17-2011 ot ASH Quick To Flee
50865 Dream World Flareon Mild 11-29-2011 ot Shannon Strong willed
15086 Dream World Glaceon Modest 5-31-2011 ot 2Fast Quick to flee
62344 Dream World Jolteon Naughty 5-21-2011 ot Gary Sturdy body
09295 Dream World Leafeon Lonely 5-23-2011 ot Lep Scatters things often
28309 Dream World Umbreon Quiet 5-19-2011 ot Marius Somewhat stubborn
23893 Japan Blissey - Calm Nature - Good Perseverance - Dec 11, 2011
55067 Dream World Mudkip Brave 11-24-2010 ot くろう Alert to sounds HP 30
15441 レクイエム Famitsu Lucario Jolly 11-23-2011 Good Endurance HP 35
25426 Korean Dw Blissey 3-16-2012 ot Sabr Gentle Thoroughly cunning Hp 71
20323 Dw Chimchar 11-20-2010 ot Dom Adamant Often lost in thought HP 30
25426 DW Sabr Banette(Korea) - Adamant Nature - Somewhat Stubborn - Oct 22, 2011
26562 Croagunk [FRA - Gaetan] Relaxed [Nov 10, 2011] Strong Willed
52235 Dw Torchic 5-8-2011 ot TURLS Jolly Often dozes off HP 31
Korean Dw Squirtle 5-15-2011 ot 미카엘 Naughty Sturdy bdy HP 29
21011 Dw Bulbasaur 4-22-2011 ot テイルズ Capable of taking hits HP 31
21077 Dw Treecko 3-8-2011 ot テイルズ Adamant Thoroughly cunning HP 28
18580 Korean Dw Leafeon 12-22-2011 ot 이영기 Timid Likes to thrash about HP 34
39326 French Dream World Arceus 3-4-2012 ot Ronnie Naive
3932 French Dream World Lucario 3-4-2012 ot Ronnie Naughty
12453 German Dream World Arceus 3-4-2012 ot Otto Lonely
12453 German Dream World Lucario 3-4-2012 ot Otto Hardy
49426 Italian Dream World Arceus 3-4-2012 ot Alfredo Impish
49426 Italian Dream World Lucario 3-4-2012 ot Alfredo Naughty
07186 Spanish Dream World Arceus 2-2-2012 ot Lenneth Bold
59472 Dw Lucario 2-6-2012 ot Kevin Lonely(my lucario)
55250 Dream World Lucario ot RANDY Adamant Flawless
49426 Italian dream world Mamoswine 10-26-2011 ot Alfredo rash
49426 Italian dream world Banette 10-26-2011 ot Alfredo naive
12453 German dream world Mamoswine(Mamutel) ot Otto 11-1-2011 careful often scatters things
12453 German dream world Banette ot Otto 11-2-2011 jolly likes to run
12453 german dream world Croagunk(Glibunkel) 11-18-2011 ot otto Careful
33146 Spanish Dream World Mamoswine ot Juan 12-7-2011 Jolly
33146 Spanish Dream World Togekiss ot Juan 12-7-2011 Calm
33146 Spanish Dream World Croagunk ot Juan 12-8-2011 Adamant
33146 Spanish Dream World Banette ot Juan 12-8-2011 Brave
34122 Korean Dw Rayquaza Quirky 9-4-2011 ot 로니
34122 Korean Dw Togekiss Bold 9-5-2011 ot 로니
Rayquaza Adamant ㅎㅏ늘 33675 Sep 21 2011


Pokemon Trainer
still need a squirtle. I have bulbasaur, chamander, eevee, cyndaquil, turtwig, snivy, oshawott, and tepig available for trade. I need the starters not listed as well as any kanto/johto pokemon not attainable in white version through normal play (I don't use dream world really). PM me with offers don't be shy :)


Pokemon Trainer
Got squirtles for trade along with, charmander, bulbasaur, cyndaquil, totodile, turtwig and unova starters. Looking for chikorita, Hoenn starters, chimchar, piplup, and most other kanto/johto pokemon unavailable in white version so pm with offers :)

EDIT: Now have chikorita, will add to offers.
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Reputable Trader
Looking for an EV trained lv100 blastoise preferably EVd in defenses and HP PM me of you have one and are willing to trade


Pokemon Trainer
I have squirtles for trade as well as all kanto/johto/unova starters, eevee, mime jr., mudkip, turtwig, and chimchar. I'm looking for treecko, torchic, piplup, and most kanto/johto/hoenn pokemon unavailable in white version so pm me with offers :)


Pokemon Trainer
Offering Squirtle for trade as well as all starters except piplup, eevee, mime jr., ghastly, bellsprout, koffing, mareep, ralts, misdreavus, and spiritomb. I'm looking for piplup, scyther, and many other kanto/johto/hoenn pokemon NOT found in white version. also will trade for these items: Thunderstone, Leafstone, Waterstone, Firestone, Moonstone, Metal Coat, and Kingsrock. Pm me with offers :)


New Member
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Darth Revan

Coming Out!
I would like a Blastoise lv100 EVed and has good physical attacks. With a defense raising nature. Will give shinys or events


Pokemon Trainer
Have Squirtle for trade, look in signature for details and PM me :) also accept Waterstone/Leafstone/Firestone/Thunderstone/MetalCoat/Kingsrock


New Member
I have caught all the Pokémon that are available, and am now looking to get shiny starters, so does anyone have a shiny male Squirtle?


I have a Japanese Dream World Squirtle to offer. It's calm nature and at level 20. Pm me with offers! :)


New Member
Offering Kanto, Unova and Hoenn Starters!

Looking for
Scyther, Eevee, Any of the Pikachu family, Male Dragonspeed Dratini
items such as Evolutionary stones, leftovers, lucky eggs etc.

PM me!
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New Member
Looking for a Squirtle, can offer Chicorita(F/M), Tododile(F/M) and Cyndaquil (F/M).
Can also offer some Evo stones: Sun Stone,Thunderstone,Dawn Stone,Dusk Stone,Fire Stone and Everstone.
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