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#007 Squirtle / #008 Wartortle / #009 Blastoise

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I can breed all starters, I am happy to take requests, I am looking for pretty easy to find pokemon (like caterpie) I to complete my pokedex pm me for details!


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Hi all!
New to BW, really keen to have a Squirtle as soon as I can in my adventure. The only thing I really have to trade is my Grass starter Pokemon. If anyone wants that, or just to help a Trainer out, PM me please

Anyone at all?


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Have 4 level 1 squirtles with just the move tackle free to good homes, also have 2 male squirtles lvl 1with icebeam pm or vm me if your interested :)


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i can breed squirtle for anything from my wishlist
pm if interested


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Still offering Squirtle. Hopefully this wi-fi is working well now. Hit me up.


Darkrai for ever
Offering Shiny Blastoise.
Send me some offers by pm or vm (events of shinies.)


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Wants squirtle, wartortle, blastoise, pidgey and Pidgeotto

My offers:

shiny Charmeleon
shiny Manectric
shiny Aerdactyl
Shiny Vaporeon
shiny Gardevoir
Shiny Bennette


EV Training
Looking for a squirtle or any of it's evolutions in order to complete a pokedex. Offering legendary pokemon from gen. 4 and before, pokerus, jolly/adamant/modest/timid eevees, zoruas, etc.


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I just came back to the pokemon series, and haven't played since red/blue/yellow. I really miss the Kanto starters :( If anyone is willing to donate one or all of them to a good home please PM me. I'd be extremely grateful, and once I get rolling on white/soul silver/fire red, I could return the favor with pokedex fillers!


Aura All-Star
I'm currently serching for a squirtle and ralts. I will offer any Gen V starter, eevee, or a zorua for one.

Black Friend code: 1721 6329 6442
PM me first with request please.
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Arcanine lover!
Looking for all starter Pokemon from gens I through IV. FC: 2537 9783 8656 Axel

Can offer Eevees, Dratinis and more as well as Pokemon I get from the Pokemon Dream World. PM me if you are offering! Still new on how to EV train.
Breeding Ice Beam squirtles. Can do specific natures, trading for any non-Unova or non-Kanto starters excluding Cyndaquil, other egg move pokemon, or 3 rare candies. If you just really really want a squirtle and don't have anything to offer, PM me and we'll work something out :)


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Have Several level 1 untouched squirtles. Looking for starters from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. You can also E-mail me PaulMStein@hotmail.com or pm me on skype: paul.stein88 Thank you!


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Looking for any Squirtle/Wartortle/Blastoise.... offering lvl 1 Torchic, Ralts, Zorua, Eevee, Charmander, Chikorita, Oshawott and Tepig for trade. PM me
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