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#007 Squirtle / #008 Wartortle / #009 Blastoise

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Im looking for a bulbasaur and squirtle. I will give sinnoh or unovah pokemon starters. any fossil pokemon. and i have about ten gibles. i dont care for nature or anything. But NO HACKED. if i find out its hacked i will work my best to get you banned
Hey guys (first post) I've just started playing White and as I have no other DS have no way to get pokemon from out of this game (especially due to the 'haven't seen this particular pokemon.. this particular pokemon does not exist to you! rule) and do not want to use any hacking ways at all.

I have tried to negotiate but have very few tools! I have managed to trade for and then breed:


.. Thats all I can really offer that people might not have. I know, really bad list. But if anybody could be charitable and send me over squirtle i'd be very happy! I could also trade you some of the non-legendary white exclusives if anyone is playing Black.

Take pity! Also, quick question if anyone wants to help out, as i'm on 3DS and not NDS, does the friend code still work the same? I've never traded directly before.



can breed squirtles since i have one now....not going for egg moves (unless i feel like it and can provide it) and nature is not in negotiation...u get what hatches basically....pm me for my wants in return


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can now breed squirtles. looking for evo stones and dex fillers. especially a meowth. pm me.


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hey guys i am new to this but i am looking for any charmander, squirtle and Bulbasaur i dont have any really great pokemon but would love to get my hands on theses 3


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Offering a lvl 1, Shiny, UT, flawless, Bold, Torrent Squirtle.

Please note: I am the original RNG breeder of this 'Poke.

Looking for: other legit flawless competitive pokes (will do pokecheck analysis), event pokes, and potentially other promising offers.

Thanks for your time!


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I'm looking for any Squirtle for my Dex


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I have access to I all starters. PM me and we can work out a trade. Even if you don't have any "good" pokemon to offer, I can take a junk pokemon holding common items such as berries, recovery items, and, gems, or feather items. Looking for swift wings and health wings in particular.


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I am offering a level 1 squirtle so pm me what you want in return


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Looking for a shiny squirtle. If anyone has one, PM me for more offer details and we can work something out.

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I have plenty of Squirtle. PM me for offers.
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