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#032 Nidoran / #033 Nidorino / #034 Nidoking

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New Member
Looking for a Nidoran (male or female). Doesnt matter what level or nature! PM me . :D


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hi looking for a gibble iin return you will get nidoran

name is justin
pokemon white fc is 2065 1996 8209

if u trade in the 30 min u will get a nidoran (m) pokrus inffection and it will be holding a moon stone

so plezzzzzzz trade with me

pm if intrested
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Artistically angry
Looking for female dw nidoran, offering anything in my sig, as well as heart scales

Edit: I have a trade pending
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Howls of Loneliness
I need a nidorino for my dex.

Emerald 2006

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I'm looking for a shiny Nidoran M, Low level. I can offer many shiny Pokemon.
Pm me please, and thanks.
I need a female nidoran. I can offer any other Kanto region pokemon with any nature. Please & thank you.


looking for a DW nidoran/rino/king. pm me for offers

edit: actually make that nidoran(f)/rina/queen. DW ability.
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i realllly need a male dw nidoran with modest nature. don't ask questions. i'll trade shinies, maybe more than 1. pm me


Active Member
looking for male nidoran UT with adamant nature

offering a male timid nature zuora with the egg move Extrassensory

pm me if willing to trade :)


New Member
looking for shiny untrained adamant Dreamworld nidoran male. Willing to trade Arceus, manaphy, shaymin, or japanese event zekrom/regigigas. Maybe even a victini if you are struggling with the idea of letting it go.

Let me know, I'd really like one, thanks!


Clone my Balls!

Nidorino - Level 22 - Relaxed - Male
Nidoking - Level 22 - Jolly - Male


Cool Guy
Really need a modest male nidoran or one of its evos with the dream world ability. guess i'll be willing to fork over my event mewtwo since i rarely use legendaries. i have plenty of other things to offer. Message Me :)


New Member
looking for a m nidoran for national dex pm me
I would like a Nidoking between level 75-95
pm me for offers it would be usefull if you could trade tonight but pretty much any day/time is good
I have some male Nidorans available for trade. Also I have a couple with DW ability Hustle.

Looking for random Pre GenV and Black exclusive pokemon to fill my Dex.

PM me if you're interested. Thanks
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