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#032 Nidoran / #033 Nidorino / #034 Nidoking

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i need a high level nidoking
between level 70-100


New Member
Have many male and female Nidorans, some with hustle. Looking for a female zorua, will trade a male/female set for it. PM if interested

Lightning Dragon

I need one of the awsome faves of mine... Nidoran (Male Shiny) i REALLY, REALLY want a shiny male Nidoran.... I might trade my Shiny Latios lv 100 or the Vertruso Victini...


Highly competitive
I'm looking for a dw female Nidoran with the ability Hustle. PM me if you have one with what you are looking for.
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Dragon Pokemon Fan
Looking for any Nidoran. Not sure what to trade so please message me and we will talk about it. But I do have some Adamant Moxie Scraggys I can trade.


New Member
I can breed nidoran for any pokemon in my signature, or any other reasonable offer.


Internet Female
I have some Nidoran (m/f), some with Hustle and the move Beat Up :) PM me with offers, I'm really just looking for Pokémon not found in Black or White if possible, Pokémon found in White Forest or even just evolutionary stones are great!
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No Haters !
After a nidoran so that I can breed it... don't care about nature or anything.

I can offer a male or female eevee!

PM me if interested


New Member
sig says it all really lol pm i have a lot of shinies i can offer if you have my old nidoran =D


New Member

sig says it all really lol pm i have a lot of shinies i can offer if you have my old nidoran =D


<-- Want a DWF
I NEED a DW Nidoran male. Preferably Timid or neutral (Docile, Bashful, etc.) natured.


feelin' Nostalgic
really want a nidoran UT shiny [M] that has a nature that hinders sp. attack, tradingLOTs of goood stuff for it PM OR VM meh


Pokemon Trainer
Need a Nidoran M, look in signature for details and PM me please :)


Hey now!
I'm looking for a legit shiny Nidoran or Nidorino with regular IVs. I can offer (all shiny and legit) Electivire, Charmander, Wooper, and Bagon. I can also offer non-shiny legends such as Darkrai. PM me if interested, c:


New Member
trading nidoran for any pokemon from my wishlist


Well-Known Member
looking for a DW Modest nature Male nidoran. pls pm me and hopefully we can work out a trade.
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