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#032 Nidoran / #033 Nidorino / #034 Nidoking

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Event Collector
im just looking for a basic old nidoran(m), nidorino, or nidoking. hoping i can just get one without all the hassle any will do not picky at all thanks People :)
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New Member
I am looking for a shiny nidoking. what i have to offer is in my signature. please pm me if interested
edit: I got one! thank you
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punk smasher 3.0
I am looking for a nidoran with hustle. i have dw pokemon that im willing to trade and a few shinies. please pw me


Well-Known Member
Trading DW Nidoran (M) - Modest

LF DW Bagon, Cyndaquil with HP: Grass 70 BP

Accepting other offers.


master breeder
Looking for a shiney nidoran male, nidorino, or nidoking. I have some legends from various generations and a couple shineys to offer. PM me.

Cool Rafe

Cold & Anti-social
Looking for DW Timid/Modest Nidoran male . Offering normal shinies or cloned shiny Giratina , Palkia and Dialga . PM me .


Active Member
Looking to trade for a Male Nidoran - Modest - Dream World (Hustle), Offering Event Victini, Event Reshiram, Or one of Several LvL 100s that have already been EV Trained. Examples include Chandelure, Hydreigon, Blastoise, Typhlosion, Alakazam. PM if interested.


New Member
got a DW nidoran, not untouched. PM me if you're interested


Well-Known Member
Looking for anything in this family (male), even if its just for a dex entry so its searchable (but for keeps is preferred)

Can give you anything Unova (except legends) and have batches of spiritbomb, lapras and others available, just PM me :)


Active Member
Hi Everyone!
I have several specialty bred pokemon and dream world pokemon up for trades. I'm looking for beneficial natured lvl 1s that can be EV trained (Modest Bulbasaur for example), Evolutionary Stones, Untrained Legendaries, or Shiny pokemon of any variety/nature/gender. Here's a following list of the stuff i have to trade. Most of this will have to be bred on demand so i can only guarantee egg moves, abilities, or gender. I wont specialty breed for nature unless the trade is good.
-Deino: Dark Pulse
-Timburr: Mach Punch and Drain Punch
-Zorua: Dark Pulse
-Elekid: Ice Punch and Cross Chop
-Gible: Outrage
-Dratini: ExtremeSpeed
-Larvitar: Stealth Rock
-Abra: Magic Coat Ability
-Vulpix: Drought Ability
-Nidoran(M): Hustle (Evolves into Sheer Force) Ability

-All 5 Generations of Starters-

My other Dream World Pokemon are in my signature. Please send a message if you're interested.


New Member
I need a Nidoran. PM me.
Looking for a shiny flawless timid nidoking (or an evolution of it) with its dw ability. I have many shiny flawless legends and regular pokes to offer, as well as events. PM/VM me if interested :). I can send you a list of everything I have.


Looking for a male Nidoran myself for my game. Can't offer much, but what i can offer is below.

If anyone has a copy of SoulSilver/HeartGold and White or Black 2 i can assist. In return for helping me acquire a male Nidoran, you can have one as well. What the plan is, is for me to catch 2. Trade them over to you then trade them over to White/Black 2 where i shall take 1 back. Leaving you with 1 for your own game. If thats possible, then thanks in advance.


New Member
Looking for a Nidoran w/ the Rivalry ability. IVs do not matter. :) Received!
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