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#037 Vulpix / #038 Ninetales

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Punk Lion

Dark Trainer
I can breed DW vulpix!

Looking for a corsola with recover and barrier and a legit shiny bulbasaur that can be nicknamed "Broadleaf". I am willing to offer more than one bred pokemon for the bulbasaur. I'm also willing to consider other offers. A full list of breedable DW pokemon appears in my sig and I can breed a wide variety of non-DW pokemon. PM me to make offers.

Edit: Got corsola
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Well-Known Member
im looking for a not english male vulpix/ninetales. i have a fair amount of DW females just vm/pm me what you want and i'll see if i have it.


Zangoose Trainer
Shiny Vulpix

Looking for a shiny Vulpix on Black/White, lvl 1 would be best but not necessary. If it had drought that would be amazing but again not necessary. PM me with what you are looking for in return.


New Member
Vulpix anyone?

I Really want a Drought vulpix (or ninetales) i can trade a zorua for one.
I can offer a level 89 hitmonchan for one. If anyones interested, pm me.
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Offering Female Modest DW Vulpix, looking for DW Feebass and DW Feebass only. PM :)


New Member
looking for DW vulpix

just looking for vulpix with drought.
nature, level, gender, etc not important.
can offer newly hatched zorua, eevee, and several starters.
pm if interested.

Frog Of Steel

Quirky Nature
Looking for vulpix with drought, with a Sp Attack boosting nature if it isn't female.

PM me to request a pokemon.


10-5 PO Record

Ability: Drought
Level: 1
Info: Breeded

PM me your offer's


Well-Known Member
EDIT: Trade Completed
Looking for a female DW Vulpix. Doesn't need to be shiny and nature doesn't matter. Check my sig.
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Claws of Fury
Breeding DW Vulpixes. PM Offer and nature and i'll see what i can do.


im looking for a female DW vulpix if anyone has one for trade please message me so we can set up a trade please =)


New Member
I need a female Vulpix with Drought

I have

Riolu (Jolly/Adamant)
Drilbur (Adamant)
Golett (Adamant)
Scraggy (Jolly) w/ DD, Ice, Drain Punch
Tirouga (Impish)
All 3 Unova Starters (w/ Pokerus)

PM me for offers


Snorlax FTW!
Hi! I'd really like a female drought vulpix, like most other people on this thread. I can offer a few things, like pokesmash cubchoo, or a dw mamoswine. But if you're looking for something specific please pm me, thanks for your time. :)


Looking for any female DW Vulpix.

PM me to let me know what you'd like for one. Cheers.


Snorlax FTW!
Freshly hatched DW female vulpixs! PM me ASAP if you want one :)


Well-Known Member
I have DW vulpix for trade. pm/vm me and we'll work somthing out


Happiness ~
Looking for a shiny Vulpix, level 1 preferred but any level will do
Nature/gender/etc don't matter.

I can offer Darkrai, Manaphy and lots more, just ask :3

PM me if you'd like to trade
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