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#058 Growlithe / #059 Arcanine

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Hi, I am looking for a Dream World Female Growlithe. I have Growlithe's for Trade with Egg move Close Combat


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I need the info for an Arcanine or a fire stone to evolve a Growlithe.


That lady is mine
Looking for a adamant/jolly growlithe which knows the following moves:

Morning sun,
Wild charge,
Flare blitz
Close combat

Inbox me for what your looking for and I'll happily trade
Looking for a jolly growlithe that knows flare blitz. I really don't have anything as I just started my game in White, so if you have any extras willing to give away, that'd be great. Thanks serebii.


Magus lover
I can get arcanines on my 3rd and 4th gens anytime and transfer them to black. Rare candy apiece.


Courage Over Fear
I can breed male or female Growliethe with egg moves Morning Sun, Flare Blitz, Exteme Speed. PM or VM with offers im looking for Focus Sash, Light Ball, Master Ball, DW pokemon I dont have, and Ledendaries I dont have. Thanks!!!


Looking for any sort Growlithe. Don't care what nature/IVs/etc it has. PM/VM what you want in return.


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I really want a growlithe, but I don't have much too offer.. Can someone please help me?
Looking for just a jolly growlithe now. Moves don't matter. Don't have anything besides a patrat so if you got an extra and are willing to trade, PM me.


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want any of the two
can give any thing in my signature

Mr. Ribbles

Cubchoo Lover
Looking for an adamant growlithe, it can be any gender, preferably untouched with atleast decent Iv's. Pm me if you have some and ill give you some offers.


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Looking for any Growlithe.

PM me.


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looking for a jolly growlithe with Close Combat eggmove. pm me with offers.


New Member
Would love a growlithe and a grimer don't care about abilities or stats. Can offer Deino that knows dark pulse or something else. PM me if you have some extras.


Looking for a Speed natured Growlithe or Arcanine, level 50-65. Would be nice if it knows ExtremeSpeed


Magus lover
I have a growlithe. No eggmoves or good nature (lonely) nothing special about him. A rare candy gets him.


Offering freshly hatched close combat , flare blitz growilthes just pm me if you want one !!
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