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#060 Poliwag / #061 Poliwhirl / #062 Poliwrath / #186 Politoed

Discussion in 'Kanto Families' started by SerebiiBot, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. Keera

    Keera Eeveelution Fanatic

    Edit: Got the Politoed; thank you!
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2013
  2. tg4l

    tg4l New Member

    I need a Dw poliwag, doesn't matter what gender, i can offer m/f kabuto or omanyte, i can breed some larvatar and provide a Keldo
  3. Jivoo

    Jivoo New Member


    I can breed dwf poliwag. Pm me if interested!
  4. Averuuh

    Averuuh New Member

    Wanted: Dream World ♀ Poliwag.

    Edit: Trade complete :) Thanks Jivoo.
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2013
  5. Vinjal

    Vinjal New Member

    PM me with an offer if you got a female swift swim poliwag, polywhirl or what have you. We can work out some sort of deal. With thanks and all that!!
  6. TheFinalCountdown

    TheFinalCountdown Shuckle in Disguise

    I have six Poliwag and one Poliwhirl up for trade. The natures of this group are all over the place X3, but they are useful for rounding out that Pokedex I suppose.
  7. Vinjal

    Vinjal New Member

    Thanks to the federation for the pokemon. Offer closed
  8. ghost7512

    ghost7512 New Member

    Can anyone trade me a poliwag with swift swim thats a female if so plz message me
  9. Ludakrix

    Ludakrix Legen-waitforit-dary

    Looking for a DWF Poliwag! Message me please!
  10. BlAcK ShAdoW

    BlAcK ShAdoW New Member

    Pm Me. I have a DWF Poliwag. Im interested in DWF vulpix.
    My Friend Code: 3268 3884 1716
  11. roflbuckets

    roflbuckets New Member

    If anyone has a DWF poliwag to trade please message me
  12. Artic1

    Artic1 New Member

    A lot of DW poliwag, PM if you re interested.
  13. pokemonblack2_EF

    pokemonblack2_EF Shiny Hunter/Breeder

    Does anybody have a dream world politoed thats female if you do i have plenty of pokes and you can see what you want
  14. bboy critical

    bboy critical Breeder =]

    DWF Poliwags now available in my shop !!!
    the link to my shop is in my sig
    feel free to visit for all your breeding needs =D
  15. Drago-99

    Drago-99 New Member

    Hey, I'm in the market for a DW Vulpix, DW Poliwag, and a DW Carvanha. Female would be most ideal, I don't care about IVs. I can offer any starters or I can breed a wide variety of others. Message me and let's make a deal.
  16. Sticks

    Sticks New Member

    Have legit max speed and S.Atk dreamworld poliwags. Male and female.

    Trading for and dreamworld dratini, preferably female.
  17. fireice

    fireice Well-Known Member

    looking for PP Up or PP Max or even yellow shards can offer DWF Poliwag
  18. whitedarkrai

    whitedarkrai dragon master

    looking for flawless politoed with hidden ability legit
  19. Keera

    Keera Eeveelution Fanatic

    I know I've already posted on this page, so I hope this isn't against the rules :c It's for something different, though (I already got the Politoed.. should probably edit that after this).

    I was on a DWF Poliwag breeding spree last night, and I now have 6 DWF Poliwags and 9 DWM Poliwags (among a few normal ability ones. I can give those out, too).

    Edit: I got the Togepi, but I still have a lot of DW (M and F) Poliwags to trade.
    You can see the natures and stats and moves and stuff of the ones I have in my shop linked in my sig. I'll be interested in trading for any DWFs I don't have.
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2013
  20. dax324

    dax324 Member

    looking for a poliwhirl. pm me with wants :)
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