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#066 Machop / #067 Machoke / #068 Machamp

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I want a machop and/or a machoke and I'll trade you for bulbasuar, oshawatt, snivy, magby, or elekid.


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Looking to evolve my machoke so it'd be great if I could trade my machoke to someone and then trade it back thanks


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I have a shiny Machoke for trade! PM me for details!


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#066 Machop (), Available: 2
Ability: No Guard, Nature: Adamant, Gender: Male
IV: 31/31/31/31/31/31, Hidden Power 70 DARK
Egg Moves: Bullet Punch, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Fire Punch

Check my trade shop for a full list. Rules and Restrictions are listed there as well.



a female adamant machop.

Offering dwfs and egg move machop with bullet, ice punch

PM me offers


Looking for one in this family.
You may come to my shop and see what item you want or just name an item.
Please dont reply there and drop me a pm instead, thanks you.

Ace Trainer Alex

wants to fight!
Machop (Female) with No Guard and Adamant nature. Shininess doesn't matter to me. I don't have too much, but I will hear out offers. I'm only just getting back to the forums here, so I will be checking my inbox often. I will also check my email often, just in case. Thanks in advance!


I’m looking for a female of the first form of this Pokémon with their hidden ability. I can breed a few other DWFs. And I can breed any Pokémon with egg moves. PM if you want to make a deal.


Crescendo Cuty
I have plenty of Machops-Machokes to trade! PM if interested. I'm looking for pokémon to fill the national Dex!


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need for pokedex completion have all unova pokemon and a couple of rare dwf like dwf dragnoire, dwf poliwag, dwf vulpix, dragnoir with extreme speed ect. pm if interested
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Offering lvl 1 Machop with Adamant nature and ability No Guard. Has following powers: Bullet Punch, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunderpunch. Looking for DWF Sableye with Prankster or Imposter Ditto or Darkrai or Dialga. PM me with offers if interested. Thanks.
I have baby machops for trade. I can breed certain natures if you wish.


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I'm looking for a Machop, any nature!
I'm currently on Pokemon White 2, PM me if you're interested and tell me what Pokémon you want.
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