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#072 Tentacool / #073 Tentacruel

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Looking for a dwf tentacool or tentacruel. Bold would be a great bonus, but isn't required. If anyone has one pm me. I can rng so I can offer perfect pokes.


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Looking for a DWF Tentacool, nature and IV's don't matter just DWFemale and I'm happy :D
I will make sure it will be happy and give it onomnom poffins every day.
Before I put it in the day-care ofcourse.

Can trade it for the DWF's in my sig or for Leftovers.
Sort of bread an army of tentacools. If anyone needs one, just PM me. I'm looking for things in my sig, but I'll take anything really~

Master 92 1/2

Shiny Hunter
im looking for a dwf tentacruel w/ rapid spin, preferably bold, i dont care if it is shiny or flawless or anything. I will give a lot for this, especially if its shiny. I have many shinies , s/f and dw/f so vm/pm me if ur interested
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I have a shiny Tentacool and I'm looking for a Male Skarmory with the ability sturdy, Impish Nature, the move Brave Bird, and Perfect IVs, preferably level 1.
PM me if interested.


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i need a female dw tentacool. i have lots of flawless IVed pokemon i made myself using RNG in platinum. PM me


Troll of Tanas
Looking for dwf tentacool. Have Dwf Gligar, dratini, bagon as well as a bunch of correct nature ou pokes. I also have pokerus.


Thoroughly Wicked
I am looking for a Tentacool or any other poke in this tree for purposes of Pokedex completion. I have most starters and basic gen 5 pokes, PM me with any offers

Also don't bother asking for shinies or legendaries. I will laugh at you.


Fire Trainer
lookin for a tentacool with clear body pm me to work out deal
can offer many breedables and dream world pokemon
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Aquatic apprentice
looking for a dw female tentacruel please pm me to discuss trade
Trade completed.
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Giant Deadly Mollusk
Looking for DWF Tentacool/Cruel have most other DWFs that have good battle abilities and will trade them. Inquire with me for more!


I'm Toxic.
seeking a shiny tentacool offering a few things like kyogre DW F eevees many natures lvl 40 tundurus (naive, hardy) spiritomb, kanto starters, porygon, shiny probpass (bold nature)

Razor Wind

The Heartless Absol
Looking for the following Pokemon,

Tauros, Unown, Tentacool, Miltank, Torkoal, and Glameow.

PM me what you want and I will see if I have them.
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Can i pleases have a Tentacool or Tentacruel
I can give anyone a Chikorita with the move Ancient power, a chimchar with Blaze kick, and a Charmander with Dragon pulse
PM me if you are interested
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Looking for a female dream world tentacool, the only dream world pokemon I could offer is a poliwag, other than that, I'd be happy to try to get you something else.


I'm Toxic.
Seeking a Shiny Tentacool Pme me for my offers :3


Legend Medalist
Looking for any tentacool or evolution.

I have all pokemon you can possibly have using BW2 cartrige only, so feel free to ask me.
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